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  1. Critical Input

    Block 4137 (186,302.1943 DASH mined). What likely happened to the coins? Educated answers please.

    Hi, part of a long delayed video I am producing about the fastmine, I want to touch on what happened to BLOCK 4137 as honestly and impartially as I is possible. When I look through the transactions from this massive single mined block I see many allotments of 1000 Dash although they...
  2. Critical Input

    Why was the Dash mining Max reduced from 84000000 coins please.

    Hi all, I am editing a video on the Dash fastmine. I read a technical reason why the Dash maximum of coins was reduced from 84 million coins. I can't find the explanation. Please help if you can. cheers D . Australia.
  3. Critical Input

    Two coin emission graphs! What is correct?

    Hi all, I am currently researching and editing a video regarding the initial fast-mine situation. I want to present correct factual data. This includes the how many Dash are to be mined by when (yes, there could be variables). Amanda's video "Is There a Maximum Coin Supply in Dash?" features a...
  4. Critical Input

    Veiwer confusion over Amanda B. Johnson as "Dash spokesperson"

    I've noticed that a few commenters on YT seem to regard Amanda as a "spokesperson for Dash" if you will. I don't blame them for assuming this. I write this in thinking it might be beneficial for Amanda to make her role clear to viewers every now and again. Example: In the recent interview with...
  5. Critical Input

    Renewed Core wallet but my Masternodes not listed under MN tab

    Looking for advice thanks…. (too scared to experiment myself - not a tech geek) My iMac (2011) crashed big time so I renewed my core wallet via the wallet.dat on a MacBook Pro (2016) model laptop. With the wallet Masternodes tab in place, when I open the MN tab, I can't see my list of...