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    It's doing really well... ffs.. I always leave it to late to buy in lol. :) Only time will tell though.
  2. D auction have you seen this?

    But they did have a use for it. To resell for profit, the right kind of domains are valuable. Domaining is a legitimate business where a few bad seeds have given it a bad name.
  3. D auction have you seen this?

    Wow.. someone has put up for sale and it's already at $8,000 with 17 days left. Thought you all might find this interesting (not mine by the way!) What do you all make of this? To be honest most of...
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    Darkcoin Auction?

    What numpty voted no? lol. :eek:
  5. D a Darkcoin Auction

    He posted it in the Darkcoin Websites forum. :) Looking forward to seeing it Centurion, keep up the good work! :)
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    Darkcoin Auction?

    Sure nice domain, I didn't think of that one when I considered an auction site lol. :) Well you may face some competition soon hah :D
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    Ideas to develop please?

    Just so people know I'm not slacking or anything I do have something on there. Going to be adding more over the next few days when I get the time. but yes I know it's very basic right now but will fledge it out with more and even a form to directly buy via an affiliate...
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    Darkcoin Auction?

    Oh and by the way yes I'm interested. :)
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    Darkcoin Auction?

    I own the domain and was going to do something similar. If you'd prefer to use this domain instead let me know. :)
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    Ideas to develop please?

    Thank you for your reply Boston. I understand how you felt and I'm also sorry if my reply seemed harsh. No hard feelings. :)
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    Please see my response to you in my development thread...

    Please see my response to you in my development thread
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    Ideas to develop please?

    Thank you for your input. After discussing with others I think you're right and I'll be looking at building a site this week when I get the chance. I would like to also clear something up publicly, especially to the user BostonStrong617. There is no trademark in the for Darkcoin...
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    Ideas to develop please?

    Hi all, I am the owner of the domain name I was going to offload it in exchange for some Darkcoins but I've now decided why pass it on to someone who won't make use of it? I'm sure we can all agree that getting the people of UK interested in Darkcoin would be very beneficial and...
  14. D domain name for sale

    Actually, I've decided to take this off sale for now. Can an Admin/Moderator please close this thread?
  15. D domain name for sale

    Yes and sold for $250,000 recently.
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    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    Fantastic read, thank you. Please keep up the good work, much appreciated! :) Edit: Or should I say, great work! :)
  17. D domain name for sale

    Hello all, Hope you're all well. Anyone else from the UK here? I'm offering the domain name for sale, will come with rights to when it's released in June. A perfect domain for penetrating the UK market with Darkcoin! :) I was going to build a marketplace and platform...