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  1. recan86

    Dashcoin offline wallet generator

    Anyone know a good place to find a wallet generator that can be used offline? Just looking around and cant seem to find anything.
  2. recan86

    Just for kicks

    Here is the setup. I have a couple of old towers (windows based PC) that I want to use for fun. My question is... What is a good multipool/altcoing or even dash mining site that I can use? I want to just set and forget. I know electricity is something to worry about but this is just for kicks...
  3. recan86

    Exchange and bank accounts

    Is there any exchanges out there that can link with virtual credit card/debit card? I want to be able to bank specifically with one bank and set it up on an exchange easily. Thus, making it easier for me to manage one amount. Is this possible? I would like to hear if there is a better alternative.
  4. recan86

    Jabber/ ICQ

    How "secure" are these ? Can you put them on usb ? Do they run with tails/linux ? Just curious..Maybe someone has a better way than what I've been trying to come up with.
  5. recan86

    Encryption for Mac

    Most security here is talked about Windows or Linux for the obvious reasons but what about Macbook? Lets say I have Macbook and wasn't concerned all that much about security until this whole Snowden thing came about. After some research and digging I feel like a little kid who realized Santa...
  6. recan86

    GAW Cloud mining

    What do you guys think of this site? Anyone used them before? Im curious, if the fees are .08cents per MH and a typical payout is say .0004 aren't you not able to make a profit even off a 40.00mh hash let. I'm hoping my math is just way off and it's because i haven't slept but can anyone...
  7. recan86

    Reverting to MN RC3 payment

    What was this payment schedule like? I can't seem to find any threads about it.
  8. recan86

    Interesting mining question

    What's the best mining setup you personally have? From low budget to high end. I want to know it all. Spare no minor detail.
  9. recan86

    Current price below 5$

    Any thoughts on why ? Do you think if the development team will be able to make the RC4 deadline by end of July? I only bring this up because the FUD is spreading rapidly. If anything gets pushed around it may (will) see a drop in price. Predictions ? Thoughts? A few words to calm the really...
  10. recan86


    I know it maybe not the correct thread to post this but is there anyone working on a mobile system for Dark? Just curious. I know RC4 isn't out but I just feel like things will move fast once everyone realizes the true potential with this bad ass crypto.
  11. recan86

    Start up website

    I have a friend who is interested in accepting Darkcoin for his website. Any tips on how he can accept it? Fun fact, he's not very tech savvy so the easier the better. Thanks friends.
  12. recan86

    Cryptsy Down?

    Anyone know? Im getting the error 500 and can't log on from computer or mobile.
  13. recan86

    Noob question here

    Title explains most of it. Yes, I am a noob when it comes to mining and I have done some research but there's a few questions I still have. 1. Should a computer that is being used for mining be used only for mining? 2. Should my wallet be setup on the same computer? 3. Is it better at this...