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  1. Weber K.

    Do I need multiple servers if I have multiple masternodes?

    If you still want to run in only one server, then Google for linux network namespaces. You can run various process each in separate context. But you will still need various public IP address. You can then use NAT or IP tunnels to communicate to internet. It's a bit complex, but it works.
  2. Weber K.

    Payment queue position again and start-alias

    Hi! This point is unclear to me... I've read that when you issue start-alias your masternode goes to the end of network payment queue. And when you issue start-missing your masternode stays in its position. Ok. But... Sometimes I issued start-alias and I kept my queue position in both Dash...
  3. Weber K.

    Ninja Inactive 0 but dashman ok then ok?

    Hi! I am facing the same situation. In Dash Ninja is inactive. In Dash Central: Your masternode dropped off the masternode list and is not enabled! Dash wallet masternodes tab says: ENABLED. Dash wallet masternode list says: ENABLED. dashman says: queue position nn/4428 (and moving down)...
  4. Weber K.

    Long live to dash!

    Long live to dash!