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  1. BiteMyShinyMetalAss

    WTB Any costume shops accepting DASH in uk?

    Is there a single party costume shop accepting DASH in UK? Or Eu that would be willing to ship to UK? P.s. Dont understand prefixes....
  2. BiteMyShinyMetalAss

    The cheapest SEPA transfer bank for UK users +5£ bonus

    I got frustrated with UK banks for charging around 20£ for SEPA transfer. However, if you open an account here you will pay only 2.5£ per transfer and you will get 5£ for opening an account! It takes less than 10 minutes to open this bank account.
  3. BiteMyShinyMetalAss

    Share your favorite place to spend DASH

    So I was just wondering what do you guys do with your DASH and where do you spend it? For instance, I use for small time betting on sports events and (though its not exactly DASH) for Amazon shopping. What about the rest? What are your favorite places to spend DASH?
  4. BiteMyShinyMetalAss

    DRK thread in

    So is down and I am having a withdrawl sydrome already from lack of daily DRK dose. Can we continue that threat somewhere here? It seems the thread might be gone foreever ....