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  1. qwizzie

    The Dash Trust Protectors compromised

    According Glenn Austin (CFO of DCG) the Dash Trust Protectors have the following ways to introduce change : Source : below mentioned Dash Central decision proposal (see comments) According kot / Robert Wiecko (COO of DCG) the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust is : Source : below mentioned Dash...
  2. qwizzie

    Firo requires fewer confs (1) on Binance after copying Chainlocks, then Dash (10)

    Strophy made a twitter tweet towards Binance, lets flex our Twitter muscles and let Binance know how we feel about it. Link to tweet :
  3. qwizzie

    DCG Budget System Change Discussion : Missing the specifics

    Question : Answer : Source : There is a difference between discussing changes to the budget system in a very broad way many many many months ago, while focusing mainly on the blockreward allocation...
  4. qwizzie

    WhiteBit Exchange Scam Accusations

    There are scam accusations about this exchange : JollyGood: Are these scam accusations valid ? This is important to know as this exchange is promoting Dash Staking and Dash Help is describing its (or our) relationship with...
  5. qwizzie

    Changing language of app

    My Android Dash wallet is using my local language, is there a way to force the app to use english as default language ?
  6. qwizzie

    Why is latest Dash update v0.14.0.4 only announced on Reddit ? No announcement of this update on (Official Announcements) ? No announcement on our Dash Bitcointalk forum ? Announced only on Reddit 9 hours ago, pointing to a Dash blog that is pretty much...
  7. qwizzie

    Dash Ninja Related Problems

    I found a problem with Dash Ninja today, it does not show the correct balance on all my masternodes (on some it does, on others it does not). Maybe one of Elbereth's nodes is out of sync ?
  8. qwizzie

    Dash Platform Side-Chain

    As i understand from the livestream of the Dash Convention Europe 2019, Dash Core Group decided to implement a side-chain that is separate from our Proof of Work/Proof of Service main chain. It's called the Dash Platform Chain (I think) and is specifically designed to process state transitions...
  9. qwizzie

    Another stress test going on ?

    When you click on blocks/Trx Info it immediately max-out, and then after awhile falls back to a much lower value. I'm starting to think this maybe just a visual glitch or something, but at the same time the unconfirmed transactions seems also to be spiking to a higher then normal level.
  10. qwizzie

    Dash Masternode Information Chart Problem Count (All Time) This seems to show a 60 minutes chart, when it should show an All Time chart !! Also the ATH (Max number of active masternodes) is at 4969, not 4953 !! This ATH should be corrected for all these charts, including the charts that...
  11. qwizzie

    FATF "Travel Rule" and its implications

    Link : The FATF "Travel Rule" is the sole reason South Korean exchange OKEX dropped support for Monero, Dash, Zcash, Horizen and Super Bitcoin. It is also most likely the reason why Coinbase UK delisted Zcash. What i dont understand is when...
  12. qwizzie

    Dash Block Explorer down (

    Can someone please fix this... thanks. Edit : this is most likely also the reason why is not fetching any Dash addresses Update : looks like its fixed now, thank you.
  13. qwizzie

    Blockreward reduction and its impact on Dash budget system

    In 5 days (with block 1051200), Dash blockrewards will get reduced with -7,1 % This means that Dash available budget per month will also get reduced (gets smaller). Dash available budget per month is currently 5735.52 Dash and will be reduced to 5325,84 Dash (if my calculations are correct)...
  14. qwizzie

    Ledger hardware users important information & Post-Spork 15 activation issues with Ledger

    Once spork 15 activates there could be a problem for Ledger users to issue Dash transactions through Ledger Live, specifically when it involves DIP2 masternode payments (MN payments after DIP2 got activated). For example : you set a ledger hardwallet address as payoutaddress in your...
  15. qwizzie

    Ledger Nano S bugs may lose you your life savings, version update is crucial

    Ledger bugs may lose you your life savings, version update is crucial I'm not sure if these severe bugs also impact the Dash app on the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet (only the...
  16. qwizzie

    Dash Masternode Tool : pls update to latest beta version when using DMT to vote

    From DashWatch budget proposal (one of their own comments) :
  17. qwizzie

    Stress Test .. or something else ? (Block/Trx Info)
  18. qwizzie

    Researchers discover vulnerability in BTC / ETH / Ripple digital signatures Hopefully Dash uses deterministic signatures (RFC6979).
  19. qwizzie

    Numerous Bitcoin Wallets May Have Been Compromised by Rogue Developer Does Dash (Evolution) have a reliance on that library event-stream or the copay-dash modules ? And is the copay-dash module related to Dash ? Tagging : @UdjinM6 Link describing the problem on...
  20. qwizzie

    Bakkt Wants to Know Which Cryptocurrencies It Should Add Next Well guys, you know what to do .. ask them to add Dash by sending them an email !! Lets fire up all our social media channels and get the word out.
  21. qwizzie

    Budget Proposal Discussion : Introducing a significant change of scope

    To all masternode owners : I would like your opinion about multi-term budget proposals that introduce a significant change of scope in their budget proposal, while that budget proposal already passed the treshold a long time ago and as result of that change now directly compete with other...
  22. qwizzie

    Dash Force September Budget Proposal - Update

    Since Dash Force made an important change to their budget proposal 2 months after creation and have not shared that change on this (i have not found any announcement of it in here) , i advice masternode owners who are unaware of this change to re-evaluate Dash Force budget...
  23. qwizzie

    51% Attack costs on cryptocurrencies : looking for feedback on article Are the costs to perform an 51% attack on Dash as stated in this article correct ? Or do masternodes introduce additional costs that this article does not take into account ?
  24. qwizzie

    Bulletproofs : can it can implemented as addition to Dash current privacy ?

    Aim, Fire: Bulletproofs Is a Breakthrough for Privacy on Blockchains Your thoughts please..
  25. qwizzie

    And so it begins ...

    The counters are moving !! Link : (Block/Trx Info) Maybe time to adjust the Unconfirmed History counter, give it a bit more space ?
  26. qwizzie

    BTC38 : Dash delisted ?

    Cross post from Bitcointalk forum : ********************************************************************************************************************* The link you provided is from an article dated 12-oct-2017 and mentions SYS-XPM-BLK-EMC-DASH-XZC to be delisted 13-oct-2017 However so far...
  27. qwizzie

    Most of the masternodes down, Sentinel problem ? (Fix in thread) : If you guys on Slack or other forums know more about this situation, please keep us in the loop.
  28. qwizzie

    How does v.012.1 impact budget proposals ?

    Specifically with regards to treshold % and setting up budget proposals over longer time periods ? I remember v.0.12.1 has contracts now ? Do contracts have higher tresholds ? I would like more details about how v0.12.1 currently changes things with regards to budget proposals. Thanks in advance.
  29. qwizzie

    masternode is pre-enabled ?

    What exactly does that mean ? I gave command : ./dash-cli masternode list full | grep -e IPADDRESS and it showed me status pre-enabled ?
  30. qwizzie

    Running multiple MN instances on 1 VPS

    I have decided to bundle some of my masternodes on 1 VPS, which has several dedicated IP addresses. I have set multiple useraccounts on my main IP address, each useraccount will have its own dash.conf & blockchain (i have large hdd space there so the space it takes is not a problem). Can...
  31. qwizzie

    How can you tell if an exchange is faking their volume ?

    I got a user named ttx in my Dash Price and Trade Discussion thread, who says he thinks xBTCe is faking the Dash volume and he posted the following after i requested more evidence : Is there something strange about these...
  32. qwizzie

    "Incorrect security website certificate" warnings while trying to access

    Anyone else getting warnings about incorrect security website certificate for ? Windows 10 ; Microsoft Edge
  33. qwizzie

    Dash Blockspeed Info

    Bitcoin's Blockspeed Info Link : It would be interesting to see this done for Dash, so we can keep a tap on Dash's vital signs and compare it with Bitcoin. We could even include monitors for Dash specific masternode-related activities. If there is a community interest...
  34. qwizzie

    Liquidity Providers original versus Liquidity Providers v2

    Liquidity Providers Original Liquidity Providers v2 In 9 days the next superblock will be upon us and unfortunetely both budget...
  35. qwizzie

    Budget Proposal “electrum_maintenance“ Can we please have some official response to this budget proposal that popped up on Dashwhale. * claimed by Evan * missing a description and title of the budget proposal, making it impossible to properly discuss it in this community *...
  36. qwizzie

    Allocated Budget Overview

    Budget Overview In order for budget proposal Vendor-Experience to pass, it would have to reach the 10% thresshold (yes votes-no votes > 10% of total masternodes) and replace one of these current budget proposals as there is simply not enough budget funds available currently. Also keep in mind...
  37. qwizzie

    How to strenghten Dash's Voting System

    Problem : masternode budget proposal voting participation is currently too low, this can be observed on below overview's last column (Total Ratio). Focus-point 1 : How to reach more masternode owners with regards to budget proposals to vote on, taking into...
  38. qwizzie

    Dont you just hate it when ....

    you made this really thoughtfull reply to a post on the Bitcointalk forum where you put a lot of thought, time and energy in and at the end you press that cute send button and it makes the whole damn bitcointalk forum crash ? I wonder what will happen when i press the send button in here ...
  39. qwizzie

    Dash Evolution Discussion Thread

    Here anything can be asked about Dash Evolution ( and hopefully some answers will emerge.
  40. qwizzie

    Dashwhale / rango's budget proposal : Christmas Lottery

    Dont forget to vote guys, voting will close after 8 days