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  1. Museifu

    Why does Evolution require email registration?

    There've been multiple queries in this regard scattered across recent threads, so I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to the matter in the hopes that a core dev could explain more thoroughly. Is this about smoothing the way for KyC regulations in the future? Collecting metadata or user...
  2. Museifu

    Darkwallet is Vaporware, Long Live DASH?

    One of the few bitcoin "killer apps" for the privacy-centric still within the ecosystem, Darkwallet, has "unofficially" become vaporware. After delivering an early Beta that provided some of the advanced coin mixing and recursive address features necessary to make bitcoin at least somewhat...
  3. Museifu

    Dash Precompiled for Linux?

    Us chroot users can't install dash-qt from source and are stuck relying on the precompiled versions, but it seems those aren't being kept up to date on the homepage. Can anyone link me to the latest? Really should be done in the "Downloads" section...
  4. Museifu

    Any Gold/Silver Bugs into the DRK?

    Just curious :D
  5. Museifu

    WTS NEW CFL Grow Lights, Carbon Filter, Grow Tent

    Selling some never-used grow equipment, perfect for a low-power indoor grow or hydroponic setup. Lotus Mini 125W Dual Spectrum 2700k/6500k CFL Bulb (x2, $20 each + shipping OBO) 6" GrowBright Junior Carbon Filter (new in box, $30 + shipping OBO) Grow Tent ($60 OBO, PM for details) PM...
  6. Museifu

    WTS GPU Rig for Parts or Complete - ~50 DRK OBO

    Hey, all. Parting with one of my smaller GPU rigs. Will sell all parts and your choice of a milk crate or plastic carton ($150 + shipping or OBO) or broken up individually if no one bites. Shoot me an offer for individual parts. Asus AMD AM3+ M5A78L-M LX PLUS Micro ATX Motherboard (3x PCI-e)...