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  1. nnx3

    payment queue

    devs take a time for own MN have look this have payment after 6 days few minuts ago my mn waiitng 10 days for payment, DASH MN going to be scam :(
  2. nnx3

    new mining reward ASIC/MN

    anybody know CPU/GPU minning is not a profitable ony ASIC an MASTERNODE give a profit... but ASIC company doing extra profitable businnes for themselves , all sales ASIC are stoping DASH mining are a scam :D now its time to change rules!!, whot do you think about new mining reward: miners 24%...
  3. nnx3

    new blockchain expolorer

    hello, good coin have a good block explorer, We should do new site with nice design, people look like good project as blocktrai have look