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  1. jimbursch

    Where does Dash iOS wallet get exchange rate data?

    The Dash iOS wallet conveniently shows exchange rate (USD in my case). From where does the wallet get the exchange rate?
  2. jimbursch

    Evonet released with Dash Platform

    Here's the blog post: Here's the documentation: Here's the Evonet Explorer: Here's the faucet...
  3. jimbursch

    Is there an EvoNet forum?

    Will there be a forum for discussion and support for EvoNet development projects? If so, where?
  4. jimbursch

    What happened with Bitcart?

    I haven't been active on the forum for a little while, so pardon my ignorance. I just noticed that Bitcart is no longer accepting Dash. What happened with them? Also, I just purchased a Steam gift card using Bitrefill and it worked seamlessly, easily, and fast. Is Bitrefill the preferred Dash...
  5. jimbursch

    Dash Cryptocurrency: Single Wallet Owner Possesses 51% of Hashrate The NicheHash crypto mining marketplace contains the majority of the hashpower on the Dash network. A concerned Reddit user raised the alarm today.
  6. jimbursch

    Collateral not valid

    "PrivateSend request incomplete. Collateral not valid. Will retry..." What does that mean when I get that message while mixing?
  7. jimbursch

    Ubuntu repository installs v12.0

    I installed Dash Core per these instructions: And a very old version was installed, which indicates that the Ubuntu repository is not being maintained. Either the...
  8. jimbursch

    PrivateSend messages

    "Submitted to masternode, waiting in queue..." "PrivateSend request incomplete. Session timed out. Will retry..." "PrivateSend is idle" My wallet seems to be mostly just cycling through these messages. When a session times out, does that mean, simply, that the masternode (network?) didn't have...
  9. jimbursch

    Excellent PrivateSend documentation

    For anyone who has PrivateSend questions, here is the place to start: I suggest a sticky post with a link to that documentation at the top of this forum.
  10. jimbursch

    Let's talk about Tether

    It has become clear to me that the greatest hazard to all cryptocurrencies, including Dash, is the problem of Tether, and increasing dependence on Tether as a proxy for USD. Tether is worse than fiat and fractional reserve banking when it comes to false promises of fixed value. I'm especially...
  11. jimbursch

    Dash Messaging is now MemoTrader

    I have rebranded Dash Messaging as MemoTrader. Check it out at
  12. jimbursch

    Meet the Man Who Created a Bug Bounty Program for Dash You may not be familiar with Jim Bursch, but you certainly know about Dash, one of the top ten cryptocurrencies (and fighting tooth and nail to remain one). With a strong community supporting it and solid plans to...
  13. jimbursch

    Problem with necroposting in Official Announcements

    Necroposting in the Official Announcements forum is especially problematic when warnings from years ago are being dragged out of the grave. For example, "iOS Wallet Warning!" from 2016 is now on page 1 of Official Announcements. It took me a few minutes of extreme anxiety until I realized it...
  14. jimbursch

    Dash Bug Bounty represented at major security conference event

    As part of our ongoing partnership with Bugcrowd to operate the Dash Bug Bounty program, I was invited to attend Bugcrowd's big industry party for the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week. Below are some photos from the event. The following morning I sat for a video interview about the Dash...
  15. jimbursch

    Dash and the Dark Net

    We need to get on top of this meme and make it a win for Dash. Here are talking points: IF Dash is becoming popular on the Dark Net, it is for two reasons: 1. Dash has strong privacy features -- strong privacy protects journalists, human rights activists, and you and me from hackers...
  16. jimbursch

    Proposal: Dash Bug Bounty - Bugcrowd 12 month renewal

    Dash Central: Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole): gobject vote-many 9be9f4191af46ca112477257c60a30d9a8612418f921ffd1d0c5713ab74b8fa2 funding yes In August, 2017 we launched the Dash Bug Bounty...
  17. jimbursch

    Podcast featuring Jim Bursch on Dash, Dash Messaging and Bug Bounty

    This podcast covers a lot. We get to the Dash Bug Bounty Program at 33:40
  18. jimbursch

    #003 Dash with Jim Bursch the Virtual Sheriff

    Altcoin Deep Dive
  19. jimbursch

    February 19, 2018 – DASH Cryptocurrency w Jim Bursch, Maximum Potential Dr. Tasha Holland Kornegay a

    I recently had the opportunity to talk about Dash on this radio program:
  20. jimbursch

    Virtual sheriffs in the wild, wild west of digital currency Digital currency is in its “wild, wild west stage of development”. Like any classic Spaghetti Western, the standard narrative in the cryptocurrency market is one of...
  21. jimbursch

    Dash me a few bucks

    "Hey, Joe. Here's twenty dollars - thanks for buying lunch." "No thanks, Smitty. Just dash me $15. I prefer the crypto." "Mr. Smith, the total invoice comes to $15,000. How would you like to make the payment?" "Just give me an address and we will dash the full amount." "What are you doing...
  22. jimbursch

    DDC currency code for Dash

    Dashcoin beat us to DSH as a currency code, but I think DDC is available. It would be nice to be represented by a three-character currency code. For noobs, DDC is dash digital cash.
  23. jimbursch

    Ubuntu chrome extension not recognizing trezor

    This isn't really a Dash issue, but I thought I would ask anyway. I'm trying to start a Trezor wallet on ubuntu using the chrome extension, but the trezor is not being recognized when I plug it into the usb port. I have installed the udev rules per instruction, but still not recognizing.
  24. jimbursch

    What are the parameters of Core Team business development?

    With the introduction of @Bradley Zastrow as the new Director of Global Business Development, the question came up as to the parameters of Core Team business development. What activities are included in this function, and perhaps more important, what is excluded? For example, does this include...
  25. jimbursch

    Node40 quoted in Litecoin article

    Our own Perry Woodin of Node40 was quoted:
  26. jimbursch

    defining default directory for dashd/dash-cli

    I have successfully installed a dash-qt wallet with a data directory that is different from the default. I am able to run ./dashd -datadir=/my/new/dir/.dashcore and ./dash-cli -datadir=/my/new/dir/.dashcore getinfo successfully. Is it possible to set the new data directory as default for...
  27. jimbursch

    Kraken vs. Uphold

    I have only recently learned of Uphold, so I am wondering how it compares to Kraken. Which to you prefer and why?
  28. jimbursch

    Silicon Beach Hustle: the social engineering of a startup

    Featuring Dash!
  29. jimbursch

    Escrow services should be held to a VERY high standard

    The development of escrow services for the Dash Budget system is a very good thing that will help improve the budget process and outcomes. I would like to see several escrow services in competition to provide the best service to MNOs and the Dash community as a whole. Here are the qualities of...
  30. jimbursch

    The Dash Budget is not a venture capital fund

    The Dash Budget makes grants to grow the Dash ecosystem. Even though these grants look like investments, they are not investments. While it makes sense for MNOs to evaluate proposals as if they were investments, ROI is not and should not be a major factor, simply because meaningful ROI is...
  31. jimbursch

    In the future...

    In the future the Dash budget process will be dominated by a few companies that have the following expertise in equal measure: project management/accounting escrow proposal marketing to MNOs @Green Candle will eventually acquire these skills. One of these days Dash Incubator will acquire...
  32. jimbursch vs.

    What is the difference between and Which API should I use for my web app? Why is neither listed here: ?
  33. jimbursch

    Constrained supply of Dash

    At 7.7 million Dash has by far the lowest amount of circulating supply of all the top tier cryptos. Subtract from that the 4.6 million that is locked up in masternode collateral and you have a hugely constrained supply, relative to the other cryptos. I'm not a trader/speculator so I don't know...
  34. jimbursch

    How should the Dash network be valued?

    So, how should the Dash network be valued? Given the craziness of the Dash price, this seems like an important question. Can Dash's value be judged from any of the data available here?: Is market capitalization meaningful? Is 24 hour volume...
  35. jimbursch

    Profile of hackers working on Dash Bug Bounty program

    Bugcrowd is the platform that we are using to manage the Dash Bug Bounty program. Here's an article about Bugcrowd hackers: For updates about the Dash Bug...
  36. jimbursch

    Dash Core 12.2 is here!

    For those who don't follow every forum here, Dash Core 12.2 has been released! This is a major update to the Dash Core wallet which includes the doubling of Dash block size to 2mb (when it is activated by a majority of MNOs). This...
  37. jimbursch

    A simple voting strategy for MNOs

    The premise of this voting strategy is that an MNO cannot thoroughly evaluate every proposal and should not waste time/effort trying to do so. An MNO should only evaluate proposals where he/she has specific domain expertise. For the rest, use this strategy. This strategy will facilitate...
  38. jimbursch

    Is Dash Force News going rogue?

    Joel Valuenzuela (@thedesertlynx) has posted an interesting declaration of editorial independence, indicating that some kind of bombshell is forthcoming. Does the full Dash Force News team (@mastermined and @Mark Mason) support this...
  39. jimbursch

    We need more million-dollar proposals

    It takes an MNO the same amount of time/effort to evaluate a low-value proposal as it does a high-value proposal. Frankly I think we are wasting MNO time and Dash by loading up the budget with a bunch of low-value proposals when we could be making some big swings with the budget. We also need...
  40. jimbursch

    pre-PreProposal: Dash membership in Electronic Freedom Foundation

    This is an early thread to get the discussion started. A detailed proposal will be forthcoming based on this discussion. Dash can and should be a substantial contributor to the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF). Dash has a strong privacy feature (PrivateSend) that can be subjected to...