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    Interesting question reposted from

    This may be a concern for darksend 1, but I don't really see it being applicable for darksend+. DS+ keeps a pool of pre-mixed coins in other addresses already broken down into various standard denominations, and sends a couple to the recipient. In this scenario, there isn't a 20 input being...
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    1st "WHO AM I?" DarkSend+ testnet game: 2 DS+ rounds.

    I find this ( ) transaction to be rather interesting. mj2kvkF4TMFtqRhbDtBk6i92FMMo1KqmU5 is used as both an input AND an output in the same denominate, which seems to defeat part of the point in...
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    Development Update - July 30th

    It can vary depending on the size of the transaction data, so there is no simple answer for this. The attack you are referring to is not likely. In that attack, malicious nodes nodes were encoding identifiers into a spot in the header of data being sent. Other malicious nodes would later be...
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    Development Update - July 30th

    The coins will be mixed at intervals until they've been mixed a certain amount of times, then they will just sit. Standard fees apply to mixing I think. Masternode 1 will know where the user is connecting from, but won't know anything about what drk addresses are involved, as it is only...
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    DarkCoin FPGA Mining Co-op?

    Space isn't just a problem for fitting all the algorithms on one board. Even fitting the individual algorithms(512 bit sha3 candidates) alone on boards get poor performance as they can't be unrolled enough and still fit on affordable boards.
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    Darkcoin vs Bitshares X (TITAN)

    Wow, that was anticlimactic. Looks like they slapped on an alias system and added stealth addresses, and are trying to pitch it as something major.
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    DarkCoin FPGA Mining Co-op?

    Space is at a premium on fpgas. Unlike gpus, which process the same instruction on many cores at a time, each part of the fpga only operates on one thing at a time, essentially having a stream of data going through the code, so to get good performance, code has to be unrolled when possible...
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    Darkcash Barnding heist ...>>

    He's already stated in the thread that he's considering ditching that coin to make another one that's a fork of stealthcoin. It's already hard to take anything seriously that has a 48 hour mining period, but that just really shows his colors right there.
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    v0.10.12.x RC4 Testing

    If someone had many nodes running at the time of the transaction, they might be able to see where the transaction was broadcasted from, however that likely could be hidden with tor.
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    DarkCoin FPGA Mining Co-op?

    It was determined that the sha3 candidates are too complicated for affordable fpgas. Even single hash pow functions using sha3 candidates can't be sufficiently unrolled to produce high enough hash rates. Implementing all 11 used in x11 would require a massive fpga, and the results would be poor...
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    Warning - Windows Question Inside

    The miner most likely isn't specifying what port it's using locally when creating a socket, so it's probably random each time. You really sure that's what the qos is asking for?
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    Warning - Windows Question Inside

    I would assume TCP and whatever port the p2pool is listening on; probably 7903
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    Development Updates - July 15th

    Considering it's not good enough to simply give out the balances, as transactions have to reference their inputs, downloading a list of all unspent inputs every time a wallet is opened is likely far more data than the user wants to download, and could put too much stress on those serving it...
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    Development Updates - July 15th

    Extra transactions will cause extra bloat. Fortunately, space is cheap, and the blockchain isn't growing that quickly, so it's unlikely to become unmanageable any time soon. If it truly did get too large(keep in mind that bitcoin's blockchain is only up to about 20GB, which although annoying to...
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    Development Updates - July 15th

    The coins are never in the control of the masternodes, so you'll still have them. Here is the process: Your client sends what transaction it wants to do to the masternode. The mastenode crafts a transaction joining multiple peoples' transactions together, however it needs all of them to sign off...
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Completely with you on this one. I was disappointed to see that quick send wasn't on any of the options.
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    Sgminer HW Errors (AMD GPU on Ubuntu 64-bit)

    Don't know if this is related to your problem, but 14.6 beta breaks lasybear's sgminer. If you are using 14.4 or 14.6 beta use djm's sgminer: If you are using lower, stick with lasybear's sgminer.
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    Development Updates - July 15th

    Could you make this semi-random? If you let everyone set whatever they want in the wallet from 2-8, almost all people will either select 2 for speed, or 8 for more stealth, and nothing in between. This would give a fairly decent assumption an attacker might be able to find a way to leverage when...
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    IMO this needs another button up top, maybe a tools drop down next to settings or something. In the current mockup I'd have no idea where to go to verify a signed message.
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    Development Updates - July 7th

    It's actually better than that. Since masternodes group transactions, and they all use the same input size of 10 coins, at that one moment 3 addresses get 10 coins poorer each, and 6 addresses get richer.
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    Development Updates - July 7th

    One potential solution I think might be interesting would be use zerocoin-style zero knowledge proofs for passing outputs to a masternode. A sender could give his input transaction and another piece of data to the masternode, then after the inputs are collected, the masternode can calculate an...
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    I think you need to step back and consider what the average person using it really wants to know when they open it. The 2 most important things are balance, and recent transactions. Most users don't care about difficulty. They don't care about net hashrate. They don't care about the block...
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    Why not cap minig block reward to 80% of total reward regardless mn status?

    Of course. It would be a fairly safe one though, as it would be a trivial change.
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    Why not cap minig block reward to 80% of total reward regardless mn status?

    I was just thinking about the current situation with pools not updating, and was wondering, why not cap the amount a miner can earn on a block to 80% of the total reward ( the amount they would get if they paid a masternode ), regardless of whether they actually do pay a masternode. This would...
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    Is it possible to selectively enforce?

    There is no way to know the amount of hashing done by each entity in the network, so this is impossible.
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    RC3 Soft Fork

    I like this. Random enable and disable totaling 8 hours of enforcement per day would cause the bad pools to earn less, as 30% of their blocks would be rejected, more than offsetting the gain they get on the ones that do.
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    I have a GeForce nVidia 210 Silent 1GB DDR3 - I need help in mining Darkcoin

    Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant your card must support cuda 3 to use ccminer 1.2, or cuda 2 to use ccminer 1.0. Basically I don't think you can use ccminer with that card.
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    I have a GeForce nVidia 210 Silent 1GB DDR3 - I need help in mining Darkcoin

    geforce 210 only supports cuda 1.2. I think you need cuda 3 for 1.2, or cuda 2 for 1.0.
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    How to parse the cryptsy json api with Qt5/C++?

    I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but success in mintpal is a string, and success in cryptsy is an int, and QJsonObject operator[] returns a QJsonValue, so a direct comparison or using of QJsonValue against/with an int might not work how you expect it without extracting it from the QJsonValue...
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    Mining remotely using Microsoft RDP Client Help Please?

    Although I don't know why it won't start for you, I've always found temperature monitoring to be broken when using rdp, so vnc ends up being a better choice.
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    Web Darkcoin miner

    Your main barrier is going to be that you'll need javascript implementations of the following hash functions: blake512 bmw512 groestl512 skein512 jh512 keccak512 luffa512 cubehash512 shavite512 simd512 echo512 This project will help you quickly get halfway...
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    Noob question here

    1. You can try to use it for other tasks, but it likely won't be pleasant. Frame rates can be significantly reduced, often resulting in things skipping instead of being smooth. Doing actions which place high load on the machine can sometimes be enough to crash it when combined with mining also...
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    290x vs gtx 780 ti

    The chart you linked is for mining scrypt. Drk uses x11. On most algorithms the radeons are much faster than nvidia cards, however I'm not sure what the current situation for x11 is. If you plan on mining non-x11 coins also, the radeons will likely be more useful.
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    Remote MasterNode guide UPDATED

    In the updated guide, it says to make sure masternode=0 on local client, but then it shows masternode=1 in the sample file at the end. Which is correct, or when do you change it? Also, what exactly is masternodeprivkey? Putting anything called privatekey on the remote server seems like a bad...
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    Is my idea off track? Please look :)

    Paying all masternodes every block is certainly doable without too much bloat, however it would be difficult to integrate into the bitcoin-based source. If changes in masternode list state were included in blocks( ex: block 1 -> mn 1 and 2 up; block 2 -> nothing; block 3 -> mn 3 up, 2 down)...
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    Development Update - 6/6/2014 - Masternode Payments

    I could be misunderstanding something, but it seems to me that it's very different than hashpower. Hashpower can be verified by walking through the blockchain from the beginning, regardless of what point in time the verification is done. For checking on whether a masternode is accessible and...
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    Fail2ban on EC2 maybe not such a good idea?

    The main intention of using fail2ban is to prevent brute-force attacks by temp-banning ips that repeatedly fail to login. Using it just like that provides a major benefit and won't lock you out(at least for more than a time limit you set.) Restricting it to 1 ip only is just an extra if you are...
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    DarkCoin FPGA Mining Co-op?

    The darkcoin code directly uses sphlib ( (page isn't loading at the time of writing this, but it was working for me not too long ago, so probably just temp downtime)) for its hashes, so the documentation can likely clear up those issues. There actually is a warning...
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    Development Update - 6/6/2014 - Masternode Payments

    I'm still not quite following how this is tamper-proof. If the client is allowed to decide whether it agrees or not and how to vote, then why wouldn't miners use modified clients that never vote when they mine a block? It may not directly affect their earnings for that block they mined, but...
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    DarkCoin FPGA Mining Co-op?

    I worked off the the darkcoin block verification code rather than that miner, as I figured a straightforward implementation would be easier to look at than a highly optimized one. The data being hashed is the block header(80 bytes total). It is in the following format: (4 bytes little endian)...