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  1. ottokoester

    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    Hi Vagnavs, Can you look at your router? If you have a new IP-Address on your network, you can access you iBelink with this IP at the browser. I can help you, but you need a webcam, we need to look inside the hardware case and if the problem persist you need a software remote assistance...
  2. ottokoester

    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    Yes, there is a reset. But it will put the default configuration. Some miners comes with these problems, I suggest you to download the original image file form iBelink website and install in a extra card. The miner is just a linux installed in a Pi Board, which has a card with a customised Linux...
  3. ottokoester

    Collateralized mining - ETA

    Definitely more transaction and more fees... always the difficulty problem. I think that MNO will not become a big miner, maybe he will work as a Venture... just buying and selling... Yes, it was a nice time for miners, who has some 1000 DASH now, has no reason, or better they have, or wait...
  4. ottokoester

    Introducing Dash Improvement Proposals, starting with 2MB Block implementation

    Hi Andy, Sorry but I did not understand the explanation of "Quadratic Hashing Challenge" very well. What does a mean, when you say: "Paradoxically, this attack could get so bad that it becomes impossible because propagation would force an attacking block to be orphaned. Even if an attacking...
  5. ottokoester

    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    Hi, I'm interested, Could you provide an effective communication?
  6. ottokoester

    Neuling brauch Hilfe

    Ich weiss es nicht, aber ich bin fast sicher dass du kein DASH finden kannst (miner), vielleicht kannst du die Firmware löschen und andere installieren, aber vielleicht... ich habe keine Ahnung und sicher es wäre ganz gefährlich... Hast du schon mal bei Google etwas gelesen? Dash ist X11 und...
  7. ottokoester

    Brauche Hilfe

    Hi, Ich vermute, alles was SHA-256 ist. Du kannst bei der Coinwarz Website sehen. Ich wollte mal vorschlagen, es ist besser einfach weiter mit Bitcoin arbeiten, optimal mit Solar-Energie, oder etwas ähnlich, was es nicht so teuer ist. Vielleicht kann jemand hier besser Tipps geben. Viel Glück!
  8. ottokoester

    Contacted by FBI

    Hi Fernando, Sorry, it was not my intention. When I saw your post, the first thing that it comes into my mind, it was a scene of Matrix Movie. I would like to say, with another words, that our society is really something like a Matrix Movie or something like that... I don't know how it will be...
  9. ottokoester

    Contacted by FBI

    Crazy. Sometimes, I think that I'm not a complete human and there is a (bio)nano-chip inside of my body trying to stop my faith...
  10. ottokoester

    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    With my short experience, I think that it will be very, very and very difficult to mine now. It was a nice time...