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    How Can I check if im on right fork?

    My block count is 75144, which is like 20 blocks ahead of the blockchain explorer on chainz. How do I get on the right fork, and how do I "reindex" on windows 7, using 9.4.8.
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    What will tomorrows hardfork do to prices?

    And whats causing the downward trend right now anyways? Anticipation of hard fork?
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    Market predictions/speculation

    Where do you see Darkcoin in 3 days? 5 days? 7 days? 14, a month, 3 months. etc. Post below. When do you guys think exit point will be? Been buying darkcoin all the way till $3, do you guys think $10 good exit point, or do you guys think it'll still go up due to masternode payments and rc3...
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    [WTB] $270 Worth of Darkcoin, Paypal

    Would like to buy $270 worth of Darkcoin via paypal, please PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    I think Darksend lost me Darkcoins?

    Reddit post: Basically, what happened, was I tried to send some darkcoin to crypsty, 3 entries of 10 DRK, all to same address in crypsty. Its been almost a day now, so "crypsty is slow" doesn't seem the reason now. So...