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  1. yocko

    Travelbybit Dash integration

    Hi, all I have been In touch with Caleb from travelbybit. Travelbybit is a POS solution in Australia that is having huge growth. These are the guys that made Brisbane airport a crypto friendly environment. Anyway, they only have Dash on 15% of there business excepting crypto currencey. They...
  2. yocko

    AML/KYC Dash address

    We seem to be hitting a sticking point with legacy banking integrations due to our optional privacy feature. People are talking about removing privacy and all sorts of drastic crazy measures to gain acceptance from exchanges and payment gateways. Maybe we can approach this differently without...
  3. yocko

    Why does DASH follow bitcoin into a bear market?

    Why is there this belief that all coins need to follow bitcoins movements? Can we break free from bitcoin or is everyone to entrenched in the bitcoin is the God, and we all follow suit mentality?
  4. yocko

    Can anyone recommend a Japanese Lawyer familiar with the Mt Gox case

    I am disgusted with the actions of the liquidators for the Mt Gox case; they are solely responsible for creating this bear market through strategically dumping Mt Gox victims coins Myself included. Mt Gox liquidators have caused a downturn on the whole cryosphere. If anyone can recommend a good...
  5. yocko

    Quantum is here, should we be worried?

    Google have had a huge leap in quantum computing. How will this effect DASH? I believe privacy coins that use encryption like monero are in a lot of trouble.
  6. yocko

    Alt36 what's happening?

    Alt36 what's happening? People want an update
  7. yocko

    What is the best brand for DASH ATM's?

    I am looking at setting up a network of DASH ATM's throughout Australia and wanted to ask the community for their experiences with different DASH atm's.
  8. yocko

    Australian banks are lifting their game in response to crypto

    Australian banks are finally bending to customer demands, in my opinion this is to fight what's to come. We have them shook!
  9. yocko

    Donating DASH from the budget to the Venezuelan people

    Right now Venezuela is in a huge financial crisis with deflation worse than anywhere on earth! Would it be wise to put dash in the hands of these people to actually have it begin being used as a currency? These people live off tiny amounts of money so the budget could make a real difference...
  10. yocko

    what are the best countrys/regions for exchanges to incorporate?

    Considering the ever changing rules and regulations around digital currency where in the world Is the best cut through red tape low regulation region to run a DASH business?
  11. yocko

    why was this so hard to find?

    I have found a localbitcoins standard service dedicated to dash and was wondering why this service is not on dash exchange list? Shouldn't all dash services and exchanges be listed if we are trying to become a real contender in the cryptosphere?
  12. yocko

    DASH Electrum wallet update

    Hi, I was wondering when the DASH Electrum wallet will be available for upgrade? Does this need to be updated asap like dash core?