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  1. teamer

    CoinWatch: Masternode Hosting | Col-wallet Monitoring | Price alerts A service that helps you monitor your cold-wallets - Get notifications and email whenever a transaction is made to your cold-storage (Trezor, masternode payments .. etc, just add your wallet address) - Push notifications on price, add your own rules and never miss that...
  2. teamer

    WTS Selling copies of (Web + Android)

    Hi all, I am selling copies of which includes: - License for 1 domain (Compiled Backend) - Android source code (modify it to your taste) - Front-end source code (Modify it however you like) - Backend brain valid for a single domain only (compiled service) - Full...
  3. teamer

    Dash Bets on mined dash blocks!

    Hi everyone! Now I am back after a 'very' long break (other projects), and will start spinning off some dash websites soon! Starting off with which is a simple betting platform: 1 - You bet on a future Dash block (current block + 2) 2 - Bets are locked when that block is...
  4. teamer

    Fees calculation

    I am not sure if this has been answered before, but i can't find it anywhere How the transaction fees are calculated?
  5. teamer

    Whatsapp to Send and recieve dashpay

    Hi all, [Beta is out] I have finished an beta version of whatsapp wallet, currently using a German number and running on testnet dast-testnet whatsapp number : [test net] : + four nine 162 75 two five 34 two (sorry fro writing it this way just for search engines) [main net]: + nine 62 seven...
  6. teamer

    Dash Poker

    Hi guys, Kicking off Also available on Android: Project is on hold atm (it's playable if you decide to play with some friends) there are some little bugs here and there regarding re-checking on the...
  7. teamer

    [not important] Ahh nice name ... oh wait my websites ...

    So now have to buy new domains and ssl certificates for ... oh god why ...
  8. teamer

    Whatsapp Spy [Discontinued - offline]

    Serve Red : Whatsapp spy and last-seen reporter -UPDATE- - Android app available (Alpha testing) - Get notifications on your android device whenever a whatsapp contact is online/offline Accepting Darkcoin and Bitcoin as form of payment, 10% referral program Short service description: - Get...
  9. teamer

    Darkcoin chat chrome extension

    Hi all, I am developing a chrome extension Creating a chatroom for all darkcoin websites How it works: Once installed, navigate to darkcoin supported websites (currently refresh and press...
  10. teamer

    Server monitoring tool (startup)

    Hi all, Our team is running a startup for server monitoring (NOC Zone) It is basically a service for checking on your server and reporting some aspects (CPU/RAM up/down) and it has a neat Android app It is free...
  11. teamer


    Any ideas about a DRK ATM? I mean would it be useful ? I can build and design DRK ATMs, just need a reason and funding to do it!
  12. teamer

    Darkcoin Advertrising Network (adsense/adwords like)

    Hi guys, Again with new service ;) Darkcoin ad network (like google adwords/adsense) Fully Anonymous ad network, only wallet address required! - Advertisers : advertise your website/product with easy steps, pay anonymously with Darkcoin, grab the opportunity of affordable advertising while the...
  13. teamer is now accepting Darkcoin

    As from last night, started accepting darkcoin. is a monitoring tool for websites, using it's "custom protocol builder" i am able to watch over my servers and get alerts on my Galaxy note II immediately if the server goes down/cpu/ram problems ... cool stuff :)...
  14. teamer

    [ESCROW] Darkcoin Escrow service

    Ok guys as promised, an escrow service is ready ! - cold-storage wallet - 4096 SSL (HTTPS && WSS) - Real time escrow steps (thanks to websockets) Will lower the fees later on if the current setup allowes me to pay for the servers at least! This is the support thread as well, ask any questions...
  15. teamer

    Darkcoin price going down, ideas on how to change that?

    Ok guys, First time i heard about darkcoin (couple of weeks ago) I said yay! this thing have the potential of overtaking bitcoin someday, but lately the prices have been falling and falling (well i don't have much darkcoins anyway ... but i have those questions: Why DRK price is going down? -...
  16. teamer

    Start accepting DRK on your website

    Whats new : - Split payment to multiple wallets - Decide who will pay the fees (seller-you or the buyers) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK guys! let's make things faster and grow the usage of darkcoin! Bitcoin wouldn't have...
  17. teamer

    Downloading blockchain hung

    "version" : 91210, "protocolversion" : 70023, "walletversion" : 60000, "balance" : 0.00000000, "blocks" : 34163, "timeoffset" : -1, "connections" : 7, "proxy" : "", "difficulty" : 225.68788087, "testnet" : false, "keypoololdest" : 1407238531, "keypoolsize" : 101, "paytxfee" : 0.00000000...
  18. teamer

    Sell tweets for DarkCoins

    First social advertising platform for publishers and advertisers, rent out your twitter account for publishers to advertise and earn Darkcoins per follower . Still beta, working on more features currently.
  19. teamer

    Darkcoin testnet hung on "2 days behind" version "v0.9.11.6-beta"

    Hi guys, as the title says Darkcoin testnet hung on "2 days behind" version "v0.9.11.6-beta" what can i do ?
  20. teamer

    Transaction fees not clear

    Hi all, I have been googling for hours now on what is the amount for the transaction fees!!! no luck!! I am building a service for darkcoin users and need to know the fees, and any testnet faucets !!!! thanks guys :)