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  1. Zoran Kutuzovic

    Last chance to buy Start the art items

    It has been a while since my last time here on Dash forum.I used to sell my abstract Dash paintings for comunnity (Some of Dash forum members bought my paintings inc.Evan Duffield.).Now I am shifting my focus from real paintings into NFTs sector and soon my paintings will not exist anymore.If...
  2. Zoran Kutuzovic

    WTS art DASH PEAKS 03 - who is the next?

    Hello! DASH PEAKS O3 art Beautiful art signed by Start the art. DASH PEAKS 01 is owned by Evan Duffield DASH PEAKS 02 is owned by Daniel Diaz DASH PEAKS 03 ...?
  3. Zoran Kutuzovic

    WTS Abstract paintings

  4. Zoran Kutuzovic

    WTS abstract DASH paintings

  5. Zoran Kutuzovic

    WTS Original and unique abstract paintings Dash Force serie

    Original and unique abstract paintings Dash Force serie
  6. Zoran Kutuzovic

    WTS Dash art

    In the begining,i started new project for Bitcoin. And then i made it also for Dash. It is wooden wall sculpture,check the info here: