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    A PROPOSAL I HAVE DECIDED TO PARALIZE I wanted comment to the community that I had been working for several weeks to present a great impact proposal to the treasury, and due to the serious health events that are occurring in the world related with the corona-virus, we have decided to suspend...
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    2 conferences in SPAIN about Dash as FinTech Proyect - UPDATES

    Preposal: --------- UPDATES (press note) The town hall of the city of Leon - Spain, officially publishes the event that dash will sponsor. link with google translator esp-eng...
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    Proposal for 2 conferences in SPAIN teaching about Dash as FinTech Proyect

    Hello, I have thrown a thread to discuss this pre-proposal and I think that it is not having much vision I remember the link for feedback, thank you for your understanding...
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    Proposal for 2 conferences in SPAIN teaching about Dash as FinTech Proyect

    Hello, I've been in the Dash community since Darkcoin times, and the project made me fall in love (fan-love). In the first stage I have been in the community more that observer and as I had more free time I have been more active which can be checked by looking at the history of my alias over...
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    We need a payment processor native

    We should get a proposal for from the treasury to finance a project to do this, it is very important to have something similar. We need a payment processor similar to bitpay...
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    Proposal for Blockchain Africa Conference 2018

    Blockchain Africa Conference 2018 8-9 March 2018 | Johannesburg We have money and time. We have the desire and team to go to Johannesburg? Africa, for Dash is strategic zone. We must be there. Do we have a team working in South Africa or Dash Core...
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    Conferencias labitconf - Bogotá - Colombia

    Vamos tarde o sería posible acudir? Qué pensáis.
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    Integrate Dash in the Abra company app - proposal

    Following this thread in the general. I am thinking of opening a proposal to request That you start conversations from Core with Abra company, to offer Dash integration to your app. I would request only the...
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    Synergies: Abra company with Dash. It's possible?

    Hello, I've been thinking now that Abra company is growing. It would be interesting that since Dash Core (Ryan?) You could try to make a partnership between Abra and Dash to...
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    About dash sleeping article

    Hello, What do you think about this article? Do you think that he is right in many things? We have over $ 1 million a month for Dash growth, And we are not using it as effectively as we should use it. Should we set up more workgroups and mobilize more for Dash...