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  1. Vedran Yoweri

    Building the Dash DAO

    dear @JulioDash , please accept my apologies for the harsh words. i have come to the conclusion you are right. mr taylor isn't competent and a company is a much better construct than a budget. i've been told 99 out of the 100 mno don't know what their doing so obviously things must change. i...
  2. Vedran Yoweri

    Building the Dash DAO

    that's cool. you obviously know whats going on. off course not. but i'm part of the dash dao. the "qualified specialist" is not. maybe you really expect mno to give up their control. maybe you should re-think this one more time. there are other folks that don't think outsourcing responsibility...
  3. Vedran Yoweri

    Building the Dash DAO

    there is always a reason to talk a lot. i'll walk through the posts and comment when appropriate. you start by saying "The common idea is that the Dash DAO will fund other DAOs". maybe for some, but that idea makes no sense imo. the dash dao is made up by three parts: dash software, miners and...
  4. Vedran Yoweri

    Building the Dash DAO

    you talk a lot.
  5. Vedran Yoweri

    Issue a Governace System to work on real life communities

    Request For Proposal. this is a normal and formal way businesses invite other businesses to propose solutions. dash more than ready for some time now. we need other proposals from teams who can build blockchain integrations and applications. most marketing and meetups are just excuses to get...
  6. Vedran Yoweri

    Question about alternative scaling solution

    point i'm trying to make is nobody knows until it is used in the wild for 2-3 years for a valuable blockchain.
  7. Vedran Yoweri

    Question about alternative scaling solution

    i'm sure that if we reach a point where we are close to hitting scaling limits we will consider alternative yet proven options. chasing every new, unproven tech or even idea now is useless. i don't get it.
  8. Vedran Yoweri

    Why address is not in blockchain

    i have no idea what you are trying to do. but you should do it on testnet.
  9. Vedran Yoweri

    Why address is not in blockchain

    because there was never a transaction on it.
  10. Vedran Yoweri

    Dash Hackathon Sponsorship at SF Hacks ‘18

    hi arjun, proposal looking good. please allow me to suggest / request more emphasis on the dao and the opportunities it gives them as developers and development teams? opportunities like getting paid while creating a great CV for themselves. the dash network needs and can pay 5 small teams...
  11. Vedran Yoweri

    Request for Proposal

    i disagree. we should build a platform so good, merchants will pay to have it implemented. anything else is a waste of money and time.
  12. Vedran Yoweri

    Dash Force 3 Amigos Podcast E34 with Evolution Frontend Developer Joshua Seigler

    watched the live podcast. it baffles me how none of you three understands what a api or dapi is and thus completely mis what this means for dash and crypto in general. please up your tech knowledge. stop thinking of evolution as a wallet. this is just painful to watch.
  13. Vedran Yoweri

    (Pre) DASH is the first cryptocurrency to land into Portuguese instore payments (500 locations)

    thanks for the quick response. yes, contact @Green Candle for details. that's what it looks like. i don't like marketing without clear benefits for all involved. marketing is all most can come up with around here. not a fan. no offense, but i'm in it for the profit. all else has no priority...
  14. Vedran Yoweri

    (Pre) DASH is the first cryptocurrency to land into Portuguese instore payments (500 locations)

    ok. you want dash to invest 500k in your business. it's been done before. - no escrow = no vote. - dash investment should be a minority investment. who are the other investors and how much do they invest? - what are the projected profits? how are you going to make more profit in dash than in...
  15. Vedran Yoweri

    Request for Proposal

    formal rfp proposals are much needed. but they need to be voted on by the mn. that's the only way the project has any chance to get funding when they put up the proposal. mn need to agree on project functionality, project execution milestones and budget.
  16. Vedran Yoweri

    Issue a Governace System to work on real life communities

    i would vote to fund a team witch would build a "blockchain voting as a service" layer. we also need extra voting functionality for the mn, e.g. a formal procedure to define rfp's to the world. the treasury needs to be used to expand and build the network. all those marketing, meetup and...
  17. Vedran Yoweri

    Dash Needs to Move to Proof Of Stake

    electricity needs no saving, working perfectly. dash needs to be protected against saviours like you who want to destroy it just so you can feel good. i suggest using drugs for that. fiat uses PoS. not a fan.
  18. Vedran Yoweri

    Thoughts on Reverse Split or Redenominating DASH

    i do. no. no. this is just useless blah blah to try and pump the price. go away.
  19. Vedran Yoweri

    [Pre-Proposal] DashBoost - Funding Small Projects By Sub-DAO

    don't call yourself a sub-dao. it shows you're clueless.
  20. Vedran Yoweri

    Bigger blocks = The right path?

    maybe. maybe not. every mn could have it's own zettabyte storage array if dash price keeps up. i think we have some time to invent solutions.
  21. Vedran Yoweri

    Bigger blocks = The right path?

    in bitcoin cash you the nodes are the bottleneck, they can only hope people wil run high-end servers with Gbit internet connections with a full node for free. (will never happen) dash has the masternode network, high end full nodes with Gbit internet. dash pays these node operators so they can...
  22. Vedran Yoweri

    DASH is the crypto i want to endorse, but need a little help mining....

    do more research before ordering those usb sticks. they will mine 0 dash.
  23. Vedran Yoweri

    Version 12.2 release

    just the pools need updating.
  24. Vedran Yoweri

    This isn't adding

    you are talking about mining dash but you are mining dashcoin. on the page you see the price and are links to website and bct thread.
  25. Vedran Yoweri

    This isn't adding
  26. Vedran Yoweri

    Pre-Porposal: Dash Sponsor 4 The Arcane Bear *15,000 Subscribers and growing

    i'll vote positive. don't let um force you to wear a giant dash logo t-shirt every time, you'll look like a mong. demand something classy or wear your own. :cool:
  27. Vedran Yoweri

    Additional Network Layers and Governance v3

    sounds great. please consider adding rfp proces so dash can ask the market what it wants proposed. could be used as beta to mature the tech.
  28. Vedran Yoweri

    Additional Network Layers and Governance v3

    third-party. url should be forum/proposal discussion. both interactions (blockchain / forum) under dash control.
  29. Vedran Yoweri

    Additional Network Layers and Governance v3

    it's been a first class, decentralized citizen from it's inception. you confuse dashcentral with the dash governance system. not true, nothing is centralized. dashcentral is not a component of the governance system. using dashcentral is completely optional. i've never used it. voting is easy...
  30. Vedran Yoweri

    What is a better reward for the community?

    pay dividends to the mn who voted, preferably direct. core has nothing to do with this, we already pay them for their work.
  31. Vedran Yoweri

    Proposal: rollout to thousands of independent musicians

    sounds very amateurish, giving business advice about stuff they don't understand when you ask for a feature. send um this link:
  32. Vedran Yoweri

    Two coin emission graphs! What is correct?

    it's a min-max, depending on how much is created each month for the budget.
  33. Vedran Yoweri

    Paying merchants to accept Dash

    the reason you do something doesn't define what you are doing. how about creating a product that's so good people want it? dash needs time to build it's products, don't go ducking around playing the unrealistic crypto idiot, it doesn't help dash.
  34. Vedran Yoweri

    Paying merchants to accept Dash

    if you have to bribe people to use your product you're doing it wrong.
  35. Vedran Yoweri

    D3 Setup for mining
  36. Vedran Yoweri

    masternodes general troubles

    @splawik21. you never have to touch your server. yep. let @splawik21 take care of that. contact @splawik21
  37. Vedran Yoweri

    Need Help Understanding Supernova Earnings

    impossible without being sarcastic, but that's the world we live in. it's how proof of work works. more miners. higher difficulty. weak hands give up. difficulty stabilizes. new miners enter network. and so on. anyway, you made 0,03126412×$626 = $19,57 not $8.5. marvelous system.
  38. Vedran Yoweri

    DASH mining in any capacity is officially dead

    the wisdom you accumulated here sets you free to conquer the world. i wish you well.