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  1. Vedran Yoweri

    amanda and pete deserve a nice long vacation

    why don't we pay her a "thanks, no strings attached, because you're awesome" bonus? because we can. She for one year gave her everything. she deserves it. they should be near nice beaches, in villa's for as long as they need. If somebody trusted who knows what's one's doing could submit the...
  2. Vedran Yoweri

    Can one just throw a DAO idea on the table?

    Dash Altcoin DAO. Goal is to create and market the (or a) official Dash Altcoin (it's 'official' LTC) Will have better funding than any other dash clone, so can have a quick start with quality devs and have their budgeting system make them self funded quickly. Will have technological backing...
  3. Vedran Yoweri

    Risk - Decentralized Governance by Blockchain (DGB) - Subversive Activity

    "Anyone with experience in extended, unconventional conflict should be able to recognize current patterns in the Bitcoin and digital currency space that resemble subversive activity."