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    Huge Innovation Potential -> Using Masternodes as Cloudservice!

    Nice to see this idea finally getting some attention!
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    newbie update your masternode

    nice vid!
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    List of future development ideas

    true diskspace is a factor. nevertheless google drive or dropbox wouldnt be any competition as they arent delivering decentralized, not censorable storage.
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    List of future development ideas

    decentralized cloud storage masternodes are perfect for that task
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    Whose still buying?

    Marketcap is at 11Mio$ at the moment. I guess it could go as low as 6Mio$. That would lead to a price of around 0.0025. Nevertheless DRK has obv longterm potential. If we finally go open source, adoption is growing and DRK becomes the annon-coin #1, a marketcap of around 50Mio$ should be doable.
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    RC4 and price

    thats bullshit! people always search for this kind of stuff when prices decline. a bot, a single big dumper, whatever. the simple finding that there are just more sellers than buyers doesnt come to their mind. funny observation: nobody searches for bots, single big buyers, etc if markets are...
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    RC4 and price

    Copy/Paste from BTT Its not just the timing. Its the non-existing outlook. Markets always need something to look out for, some kind of phantasy. That's what makes them advance. For instance if RC4 would have announced as a fixed date and time, we would have seen a much bigger price rally...
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    Huge Innovation Potential -> Using Masternodes as Cloudservice!

    Hello, maybe some of you know Datacoin? Datacoin was developed late 2013 and had one really big innovation that the Datacoin dev got alot credit for. Datacoin is able to use the blockchain as a means of data storage. That means by using datacoins everyone can buy some KBs on the blockchain to...
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    Technical Analysis

    i expect we have to see 120-140 first
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    Development Update - 6/6/2014 - Masternode Payments

    agree. i also suggest to promote twitter as backup communication channel. as i would expect ddos to knock out any smaller site as soon as the fork starts.
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    The market needs a timeline!

    that should do it
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    The market needs a timeline!

    that EXACTLY what i am talking about. now the market has some outlook and timeline again. you see?
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    Masternode Payments and Beyond

    good news that is!
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    The market needs a timeline!

    Hi, the recent silence in terms of future events is a NO-GO in terms of PR. The failed fork isnt hurting as much as is the missing OUTLOOK on coming events! Just a simple message like "Masternode-fork postponed till 15th june" would be enough to calm everything down ALOT. ImI