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  1. Chris4210

    DashNation we need you for BlockPay Ambassadors!

    Dear Dash Community, We are currently looking for new BlockPay Ambassadors, especially in the Dash Community. BlockPay enables any merchant to accept leading digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum at zero costs. BlockPay is a new easy way business to get started with digital...
  2. Chris4210

    Dash Point of Sale Network. Buy your beer with Dash!!

    Dear Dash community, we are excited to introduce the first universal point of sale platform for Dash. You are now able to buy a bottle of beer, a pair of shoes or a car with your favorite Dash mobile wallets. Welcome to BlockPay! BlockPay allows any merchant (retail, grocery chains...
  3. Chris4210

    WTT Best Marketplace to buy products with Dash?

    Hi all, I am new to the Dash community and would like to know if I can spend Dash already in any kind of store or website. What is the best marketplace to buy products with Dash? I was reading there is a Soda Machine that accepts Dash already? That is pretty cool!!