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  1. dashmeister

    PrivateSend technical question

    When I use coinmixing, my coins get mixed with coins from at least 2 other parties every round. Does the masternode knows somehow, with whom I mixed my coin in the rounds before? Can it be, that I mix my coins in several rounds with the same person (and get my dirty dashes back)?
  2. dashmeister

    Is PrivateSend (coinmixing) safe?

    I have a question about coinmixing/PrivateSend I'm afraid it's not untracable. Its not anonymous. And this would be a big problem! There are two reasons: 1. Even I make several rounds with mixing, I'm usually, always mixing my dashes with the same mixing members, which are also want to...
  3. dashmeister

    How many months do I have to wait to mix 27.000 dash coins?

    I'm trying now since many hours just to mix a small number of coins (150) and it's not working. I know this is not a bug, but I think its a big problem. How many weeks or month do I have to wait to mix my few thousand coins? How can you call a coin anonymous, if you have to wait so long time...