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  1. theplague

    Privacy and Security Starter Guide

    Ok guys so I've decided to create a post containing a number of privacy-focused websites and useful information that I have come across. I use quite a lot of this stuff and know a lot of other people that do and figured who better to share it all with than you lot. This is taken me ages to...
  2. theplague

    Just a Thought......Tech News Section

    Hi guys. I know some of you may think that I've created this thread in the wrong section as it's not directly about Dash but it is about the Dash Forum so that's how I'll blag this one :P Ok so I've been looking online and tech news that's actually relevant is hard to come by. Most of it...
  3. theplague

    Deep Cleanse Hard Drive Software and also software for recycle bin?

    Hi guys. I'm looking for the best free (or paid....As long as it doesn't log anything or send logs back to the company) software that does a deep cleanse / permanent deep deletion of everything on an external hard drive if you guys could list any please. I'm also after software that does the...
  4. theplague

    Paper Wallets

    Hi guys. I would like to ask for some advice which will hopefully lead to this thread helping other current and future members out with creating paper wallets. Ok so I posted on the 'Darkcoin Ambassador Group' thread and if I'm honest I genuinely thought (yep I know you'll probably call me a...
  5. theplague

    Completely off topic - Guns Laws in America

    Hi guys. I just went on YouTube and found this video on the home page: This has to be one of the best videos that I've ever seen so I had to share it with someone and who better than you guys :D
  6. theplague

    WTB I Want To Buy As Much Darkcoin or 'Dash' as Possible

    Hi guys. I'm looking to buy as much Darkcoin or as it will soon be called 'Dash' as possible (or as much as I can afford) so if anyone is willing to sell then please let me know :) I can offer Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Bitcoin (I don't have much Bitcoin) for your Darkcoin. As I've already...