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  1. Lisbeth Ohana

    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    The future is happening now! :)
  2. Lisbeth Ohana

    Evolution Team Restructure & Recruitment

    Thank you for this! Nathan Marley will do an incredible job!!!!
  3. Lisbeth Ohana

    how does proposals work?

    You can post it here, I for one would love to learn about your services!
  4. Lisbeth Ohana

    Ben Swann wants money to build his Private Studio. Africa & Venezuela projects should go elsewhere.

    Good points @Arthyron - I have many reservations about Ben Swann and his pizza-gate myself, but I have even bigger reservations about anonymous troll accounts spouting their own "alternative facts" to rile up debate over budget issues that don't exist.
  5. Lisbeth Ohana

    Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Reddit Ads Update Thread

    Great work @feedbands - thank you for all of your reporting and follow through!
  6. Lisbeth Ohana

    Pre-proposal: Video with Danny Trejo to promote Dash on social platforms

    Comparing to other content I've been seeing lately, this is a no brainer! Good luck, would love to see this video! That "Two Bellman" video is fun, I hadn't seen it before.
  7. Lisbeth Ohana

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Happy to be here! Looking forward to conversations to come :cool:
  8. Lisbeth Ohana

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    Thanks for the additional information @SynthesisCreative
  9. Lisbeth Ohana

    Pre-Proposal: Video Development for Commercial Promotion of DASH

    The references here are to million dollar tv commercials (ala Toyota). Has Synthesis worked as production company on anything at this level?
  10. Lisbeth Ohana

    Ben Swann’s Reality Check Sponsorship & Ambassador- Feb KPI Report

    Thank you Ben. In terms of full transparency, would you be able to share what targeting and demo was used to get the Video views on each platform? Are you targeting 18-40 year old males and females in the U.S. who are interested in alternative news, for instance? Or are these videos being...