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  1. karloz34

    Mining service

    Is there a mining service that I could buy for dedicated mining of DRK?
  2. karloz34

    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Do you got the batch file saved in the same directory as minerd?
  3. karloz34

    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Without the dot at the beginning.
  4. karloz34

    Drk for Laughts!

  5. karloz34

    New, completely custom pool Simple Dark is currently running a 3% bonus

    I like this pool for the direct payment of the shares, you don't need to reach a minimum.
  6. karloz34

    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    The "minerd" command is actually in reference to the software that will be making all the processing that you need to mine coins. It goes something like this: minerd [command] You could try accessing to the terminal (Ctrl + R and then write cmd, on Windows) and navigate to your minerd directory...
  7. karloz34

    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Could be that your pool is waiting to discover 120 blocks to transfer payments. Which pool is it? I'm almost sure that the block has to get 120 confirmations in order to process payments.
  8. karloz34

    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Usually the confirmations you need for transfer to the markets are 3-4 (One hour tops), 120 confirmations can be achieved in eight to ten hours.
  9. karloz34

    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    You can try right clicking on the transfer and open Transaction details or search the address here: Hope this helps.
  10. karloz34


    It seems like the total DRK are below of the minimum payout for most pools. You could try re-indexing your DRK wallet, just make a .bat file containing "darkcoin-qt -reindex", without the quotes.
  11. karloz34

    Master node question

    I had mine closed and received a transaction, I opened it and I received the coins.
  12. karloz34

    50% of the network!

    I don't get it.
  13. karloz34

    Forum Moderators

    Hate those too.
  14. karloz34

    50% of the network!!extraction What is that "unknown"?
  15. karloz34

    Help starting up..

    Here is an exchange: Here you can calculate profitability: Do you need anything specific?
  16. karloz34

    Masternode Payments and Beyond

    The patched wallets are up in
  17. karloz34

    Stratum Proxy / SSH Tuneling, help?

    I have a computer at school ready for mining but is behind a proxy that doesn't accept the connection to the pool. I have a home computer that I want to be running Stratum Proxy directed at the pool. Do I have to set-up a DNS (No-IP) on the computer running the Stratum Proxy then connect the...
  18. karloz34

    X11 algo sgminer with separate kernels ( Greater Hashrate )

    Some of the binaries for miners have a hidden donation amount that goes directly to the compiler's address.
  19. karloz34

    A Motivational Rant for Miners

    Where could I find a guide for mining with Raspberry PI?
  20. karloz34

    Price after solution is found

    Will the price of DRK will be the same after it goes back up in the markets or it will be low? Is this an opportunity to buy at low prices?
  21. karloz34

    Miner malware??

    Any 32 bit CPU miner, it's not possible to mine with 32 bit systems.
  22. karloz34

    How Can I check if im on right fork?

    Just create a .bat file in the directory you have your wallet containing: "darkcoin-qt -reindex" Without quotation marks and then run it.
  23. karloz34

    How Can I check if im on right fork?

    Just download the wallet and check the About Darkcoin section under Help, still stuck at sync tho.
  24. karloz34

    How Can I check if im on right fork?

    I download it like half an hour ago and I'm getting 10.8.11 in the about section.
  25. karloz34

    Fork to stop masternode payments

    I just downloaded the one from and it is version 10.8.11.
  26. karloz34

    How Can I check if im on right fork?
  27. karloz34

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Just found this:
  28. karloz34

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    I need help mining in this pool with a PC behind router/proxy at my University. Been trying to use minerd with the proxy option but it times out. Could I connect to the pool using ssh tunneling?