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  1. strix

    Problem with Dash on Arch Linux

    I sure hope someone can help with this; One of the things that I really appreciate about Arch is the way I have been able to install Dash with "yaourt -S dashcore-git" and upgrade it with the command "yaourt -Syu". However, the AUR repository now seems broken. I am concerned because vertoe is...
  2. strix is now LIVE!!!

    Great job propulsion and all who worked on this. :grin::grin::grin: Can it possibly be that I am the first one to post here?:cool::cool::cool: Where is everybody?:what::confused:
  3. strix

    What's in a name? ...or, is a rose by any othername worth the trouble?

    I am creating this thread to be a repository for the ongoing, and for some, annoying discussion of the Darkcoin name. It seems this subject comes up on a regular basis, resulting in a rehashing of old arguments, the opening of old wounds, and in general creating more heat than light. It is my...
  4. strix

    Shared MN using multisig

    Greetings All... As someone with limited funds who desires a MN, my only recourse is to participate through MN shares. I am currently involved with Mangled Blue, and have been very appreciative of his openness and level of support. None the less, I am somewhat troubled that participation in a...