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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    I'd suggest giving this a read -
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    Anyone have thoughts on this?
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    v0.11.0.x Core Testing

    If I learned one thing in design, it is to keep things simple. There should only be one button for anonymizing. Call that button what you want, but what you're trying to with the three buttons should all be done with software automatically in the background. Meaning if darksend, "wants to...
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    If anyone wants free Spreadcoin someone is giving it away ---
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    And here is the DRK distribution after a year. Not much better and you know damn well tons of those addresses sent thousands away to be masternodes.
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    After seeing this thread here, I took the time to read the Spreadcoin thread and evaluate their devs code. It is very clean, intelligent, advanced code. He is certainly legit. I get the feeling that they're going to head in a direction other than anonymity with masternodes which has me...
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    Feature - 2 Factor Authentication

    InstantX is neat to me but not overly exciting. But THIS. If you pull protocol level 2FA off well, THIS would be amazing.
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    croutonrant #237 - the happy happy dream of decentralised mining!

    We all know Proof of Stake. How about Proof of Liquidity?
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    Change Contracts using Atomic Transfers

    For those of us less technologically advanced, is this very important or a technological breakthrough?
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    I got my first payment yesterday and sent you a little thank you Tao. Thanks for this guide!
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    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2

    How long after a MN goes live might we expect a payment?
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    Thanks for the guide, I think it is working correctly. If/when I get my first payment, I'll send some DRK your way. If I want to setup a 2nd masternode, what would I have to do differently?
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    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2

    Was testing darksend on the windows wallet last night. Let it run over night with 3 rounds of mixing. Woke up to a crashed wallet. First time that ever happened.
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    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2

    UdjinM6, please post an address for donations as a thank you for your help.
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    v0.10.15 - Onyx Release

    What I think most people don't understand is that ROI is of the current value. The ROI doesn't change, but the dollar amount returned will continue to go up as the value of DRK goes up. So the yearly return may be $300 this year but $5,000 next year. As more people come to understand this...
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    Development Update - August 19, 2014

    In my opinion, Evan shouldn't be developing the, "Apps" for the Dark Network such as Darktor. He should develop the, "App Store". Make the Dark Network via Masternodes able to be tapped into via, "Apps" that can be created by 3rd party developers. Masternode owners can then decide, via the...
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    v0.10.9.x Help test RC2 forking issues

    How viable would it be for a malicious person to setup a ton of empty-wallet masternodes then write a script where the 1000drk are transferred from node wallet to node wallet taking advantage of that lag time?