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  1. Dashminded

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Pictures of the meetup
  2. Dashminded

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    MEETUP REPORT First of all, i would like to give thanks to the Almighty God for guiding and protecting me to have my second meetup. Also i would like to Thank Dash force and @@AlbertArellanesIII for giving us this massive opportunity to expand dash in Africa, Thank you. My dash meetup talk was...
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  4. Dashminded

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Enjoy your trip sir, stay safe....
  5. Dashminded

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Thanks @Albert
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    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    My first meetup was successful after having 20 participants, 15 wallets downloaded, 10 wallets been tipped. Participants were taking through on how to secure their wallets, the unique features of dash among all other cryptos and how merchants can adopt dash for their businesses...
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    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    I am organising my first meetup contest Is on the 25th of this month, pictures and all wallets would be posted. Cheers
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    Dash Impacting Life's in Africa, Ghana.

    It was really a pleasure having you in my [email protected] inspirational talk and souvenirs really made the kids happy. We Dash-Hub Africa are ready to make dash digital cash as a household name in Ashanti region,Ghana and in Africa as a whole..Long live dash digital cash✌Dash digital...
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    Dash Merchants Pitch, 200+ Exhibitors, 20,000+ Attendees and Youth Education in Africa, Ghana.

    Dash Hub Africa is ever ready to take Dash to the next level in Africa..i hope this great community will have a deep look of this project and it outcome..cheers
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    DASH Hub Africa: Pan Africa Expansion and Classic Conference+Merchants Drive (Exclusively DASH)

    Wow , ultimatecrytoi really like your zile and good intentions about this community..i hope and pray this one would win
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    Discover dash

    Why is it difficult to register in discover dash website ??i need urgent help to guide me through the registration process ...i have been confirmed that i have registered successful but i can set my password please...
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    Discord page !!

    How can one get to dash discord page,To learn more about this wonderful coin taking over the world ?
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    Dash Wallet Problem

    just did that and after entering my recovering phrase !! Synchronising with network, 13 months behind this message am getting sir !
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    I am shayibu yussif from Ghana and i believe that dash is the future for the youth. I would go...

    I am shayibu yussif from Ghana and i believe that dash is the future for the youth. I would go extra mile to educate and influence the youth
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    Dash Wallet Problem

    Ok sir, i will do that and get back to you ..Thank you
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    Dash Wallet Problem

    Hello family, please i need assistance on our to solve this problem . I cleared my phone to factory re~settings so i had to loose my dash wallet. After everything i downloaded a new dash wallet but i used the recovery phrase of my old wallet.The problem now is that my dash wallet have been...
  17. Dashminded

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi I am Shayibu Yussif from Ghana,i was been introduced to dash by a friend since then i have been learning about dash. Am glad to be here because i want to learn more about dash