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    Ports closed???

    My MNs are all reporting this. Is there a way to manually check this? Could it be anything to do with not generating new MN Keys before switching to a new VPS provider??
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    Segmentation Fault

    .....when attempting to start dashd service having just upgraded to 53? Deleted peers and debug. Any ideas?
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    Today I finally got round to setting up my first masternode. This went well, following the guide. However, I repeated the process for the second one, and while checking the progress of the blocks with "./darkcoind getinfo" after having started the darkcoind service, I saw an error :-...
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    Leuren Moret: Putins Plan-HAARP the radiation out of Russia. BRICS saves from $collapse

    Awesomely interesting stuff. My Putin Man crush grows by the day.