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    MN not paying out, but DMT tool says it has payed out

    I have a potential issue with my MN. I recently installed it, and I should have received my first payout 4 days ago. DMT tool says: last paid 4 days ago. If I check Dash ninja: everything looks fine, except 'port check' is open, but sometimes 'open (re-check pending). Does this has something to...
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    New MN not starting. Sentinel online: NO

    I try to set up my MN with a Trezor. I followed the instructions as mentioned on the site ( But when I check my dashman status, I have following issue: sentinel offline. dashd version : dashd up-to-date...
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    Unable to send dash from dash core wallet

    I'm having issues with my dash wallet. I have an amount of dash on my wallet, but when I want to send some of it, I always get the message: 'the amount is higher than the total amount'. But even when I want to send even 1% of my total amount, I get this message. What could be going on here?