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    Budget Proposal: Peter Todd to review Instant X?

    I think everyone has said everything I've been thinking. No Thanks. I think this is the top middle and bottom of all this. Very politely put.
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    Donating 1 iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash miner to Dash Foundation next Week

    You never know, she might like it noisy in the bedroom.
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    Donating 1 iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash miner to Dash Foundation next Week

    Sorry, I should have added that I am aware that oaxaca is a 100% legit member of the dash community! I just thought it was odd, thats all. Whilst I'm at it, props to you oaxaca for grabbing this with both fists and sharing with us!! Thank you.
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    Donating 1 iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash miner to Dash Foundation next Week

    The man has a point. Why would you upload a photo of the empty box it came in..... as opposed to the actual miner???
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    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    Wow, head racing at possibilities. What if.... what if.......
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    Ports closed???

    Thanks Stan. Great tool. It confirms 9999 is open on all of them. I guess the dash ninja site must be checking the old IP address' as that is what is still being reported on the site. So its constantly saying the ports are closed whilst giving me a green "Active (100%)". Thanks for that, at...
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    Ports closed???

    My MNs are all reporting this. Is there a way to manually check this? Could it be anything to do with not generating new MN Keys before switching to a new VPS provider??
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    Segmentation Fault

    Thats the thing, this is one of a few identical virtual server setups all on the same provider so I'm really rubbing my head. OK, just re-uploaded dashd, all ok. I think it must be linked to the shell hanging and not giving me the prompt back after reaching 100%. No hanging this time. Must have...
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    Segmentation Fault

    .....when attempting to start dashd service having just upgraded to 53? Deleted peers and debug. Any ideas?
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    The Rolling Thread :) (go to end for newest posts)

    Was listening to an old Art Bell show today. He was recalling the following :- The seriousness of the coming situation is enough to make a president cry. Recently a news-wire item was reported on the Art Bell radio show, that former President Jimmy Carter had been at a book signing for his new...
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    The Rolling Thread :) (go to end for newest posts)

    as this is a "rolling thread" could someone very briefly fill me in on the masternode situation please. I upgraded last night and had one drop off. Restarted and so far so good. I now see another version, but no announcement. Is this a test version or something??
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    OK, so as a lot of people appear to be having problems. should I hang tight for now with upgrading??
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    Dash Logo Contest

    I'm feeling you bro. With or without the subliminal white arrows on the 'S' though??
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    Dash Logo Contest

    Immediate attraction to number 1. Really looks like it means business. Any chance of the inverted 'V' for the 'A' on this one??
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    OK, I just restarted the service and the getinfo is no longer showing the error :- "errors" : "EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error \nCTransaction::GetValueOut() : value out of range \ndarkcoin in ProcessMessages() \n" Tried starting the MN without editing any conf files from last night and all seems...
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    I mean take back that 1000 into the "main" wallet, and then start again. Do you think it's pointless doing that and I should simply try starting a masternode with the new address again?
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    OK, had a look at the coin control. Is there a way for my main wallet to "absorb" that 1000 so I can start all over again from scratch?? UdjinM6, thanks so much for your help so far. Don't want to waste any more of your time if I am able to simply start from scratch. Your previous post was very...
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    I must be being special. Can't find his email here. Can't find PM either?
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    I must be being special. Can't find his email here. Can't find PM either?
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    do you want me to upload the file with the "upload a file" button? Can I presume there is no info in the debug log that could compromise anything?? I didn't want to "re" getaccount address, I wanted a 2nd one for a second MN (thats me not understanding the procedure fully I guess). Yes I was...
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    I've been following Tao's guide, so setting up remote masternodes. After I started the first MN off, all was well and was appearing on elbereth's ninja website. I then renamed the darkcoin.conf (that had the details of 1st MN) on my local machine and created a new one with the details of the...
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    2nd Masternode (oh no, please help!)

    Today I finally got round to setting up my first masternode. This went well, following the guide. However, I repeated the process for the second one, and while checking the progress of the blocks with "./darkcoind getinfo" after having started the darkcoind service, I saw an error :-...
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    Masternode VPS minimum specs

    and who's that Daddeo?
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    [ANN] Darkcoin | | Creators of x-11, Darksend, DGW, and InstantX

    X11 algorithm uses multiple rounds of 11 different hashes Please to knowledge incomplete of mining cheat Would enjoy beneficial meeting of interest parties to join lost coins 希望能够加入阵营模式 游戏玩家可以在进入游戏时选择盟军或者纳粹阵营,阵营之间在公海可以互相攻击,类似于wow副本模式。并且 可以组成联盟大型岛屿,由玩家推选指挥官,联盟大岛可以匹配纳粹大型岛屿,之间可以互相切磋。...
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    Forking Megathread

    Looks like it might be a blessing BCT is down! Can we agree not to discuss this on the BCT thread? Would make ALOT of sense I feel.
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    Leuren Moret: Putins Plan-HAARP the radiation out of Russia. BRICS saves from $collapse

    Awesomely interesting stuff. My Putin Man crush grows by the day.
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    RC4 and price

    "Yet hope remains while the company is true."
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    RC4 Launch

    No emoticon could ever display the utter horror of this potential scenario.
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    Development Update - July 30th

    and without any equivalent of a browser footprint to track. EDIT : I'm looking for a few thousand burly workers to commence a 400/500 year, multi-generational project in building a group of huge monstrous monolithic stone structures in various parts of the world honoring his Galactic Prime...
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    is there a plan for Darkcoin 2.0?

    I'm liking this idea alot!
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    Bitcoin gone too far?

    Agreed BabyG. Putting my thinking cap on. But basically, if Evan could approach, that would have easily the best chance.
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    Blue vs B&W Logo

    excellent lim lims, look forward to the blue vote!!
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    The Armory (TOR/Darknet marketplace) now accepts DarkCoin

    Well there are only 69 replies on the giveaway thread, so why don't you boost that to 1.7?
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    The Armory (TOR/Darknet marketplace) now accepts DarkCoin

    sweet. If things DO kick off with this armory site and THEN we get some press coverage, then............................. :D
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    100 DRK giveaway!

    XdgyvxJjRY5gQiMEtzTdkPpmQZLPP7kb5N Thanks so much!