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  1. georgem

    Darkcoin Cartoon

    So I was thinking about starting a cartoon to celebrate evans achievements: A proposal: Is the community/foundation willing to pay me a monthly amount of DRK (I don't know, 150 DRK or something) so I can allocate some time every day and create a daily cartoon? I could create hilarious...
  2. georgem

    #darkArkEmbark - Data-Mining the online darkcoin community

    Today I had the idea of crawling the BCT darkcoin thread and extracting the post count of all users that ever posted on all 3133 pages. This list is the final result of this work: A top 50 list and further down you can find a textfile listing username and post count of all 2623 users that ever...
  3. georgem

    funny darkcoin GIFs + Pics

    In addition to the sexy darkcoin GIF thread you can find here, I thought I would also start a thread for all the not sexy (but nonetheless funny and interesting) darkcoin GIFs + Pics. Again, everyone is invited to post his own GIFs + Pics too... Every donation is highly appreciated...