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  1. DieCommieScum


    There's parts of the world where if you can make a few hundo a month spamming full time you're making a good living. Economics.
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    VPS selection, IPv4 or IPv6 ?

    Any server should have both, but the IP4 address is what is in use.
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    New Style!

    This is beautiful.
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    Any fellow Anarcho-Capitalists/Voluntaryists?

    It's sorrowful statism prevails even in crypto, and even more discouraging it's seeming prevalence in the communities of Dark technology. Anyone else who feels the state should be cautiously ignored and facepalms at the chicken little commentary that comes from those worried about regulation?
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    Some Master Nodes, outside US and EU

    If people spent as much time ignoring the government as they do worrying about it, it wouldn't be a threat. And in this case, it isn't. There other reasons though geographic diversity is a good thing, the front page of has some great VPS deals all over the world, Straya, UK...
  6. DieCommieScum Has Old Windows Binary

    No. That's the most recent non-beta.
  7. DieCommieScum

    Economist Caution: Prepare For 'Massive Wealth Destruction'

    Marc Faber is always doom and gloom, but I think doom and gloom is going to very appropriate at some point. The monetary system is a timebomb, the government waste, regulation etc are unsustainable. I'm actually selling my house within commuting distance to the city and we bought a big parcel...
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    Day Traders

    I've skimmed a few times, added 15% or so to the dark I still hold... I did take some profits a bit early as I was invested HEAVILY... wish I hadn't.
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    DarkCoin T-Shirts

    As many of you may know, I ran a big shirt group-buy a few weeks ago. From that, I have three shirts left on hand. Two XL's and a single XXL. $23usd shipped payable in dark or btc to us residents (sorry foreigners, but international shipping was a pain in the ass on the big order) PM me to...
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    Top 10 Market Cap

    The volatility is great for earning more dark, I increased my holdings by dumping after it started to correct at .0042 and bought back at .0035 Made more today by trading than doing the work I was supposed to be doing, hah!
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    Top 10 Market Cap

    To the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛
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    Assuming the source gets released, it'd be a good follow up project after DarkSend is finalized to spin off a DarkCoin version.
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    Logout Odness

    Noticing that I can come to the site, respond to thread/get personalized alerts... but am logged out after the first action. Just blew away cookies and such to see if it persists, but its a relatively new phenomenon. FWIW I'm using Comodo Dragon on Windows (Chrome de-spywared)
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    r/DRKcoin Faucet not working?

    I think the cap is .02drk right now, and the timer is 4 hours.
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    r/DRKcoin Faucet not working?

    I run Cointrepid, just drop a note when it's down... I just fixed it again. The windows client is pretty unstable for serving, and that's all i'm running is a VM on a home box. Hey, you get what you pay for... but i'm dicking with the new Ubuntu and may move it over once I get time.
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    r/DRKcoin Faucet not working?

    VM hosting coind shit the bed again, bringing it back up now. Just shoot me a PM either here or on Reddit when it goes down.
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    Blue vs B&W Logo

    Tough decision, but had to go with B+W as the blue just kinda made me think of Coinbase.
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    100 DRK active member lottery! - Winner drawn, congratulations DieCommieScum!

    If you pm me which order you were I'll check tracking (I dont have your handle here in the spreadsheet), at least half of the US folks should have them this week. I had a snafu shipping the few international orders so those are a little delayed.
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    100 DRK active member lottery! - Winner drawn, congratulations DieCommieScum!

    Holy crap go nuts! Thanks LZ and
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    Official logo vote

    Who's the silly statist goose that put an (R) on a cryptocurrency logo? Voted for the popular one of course, but I hope that doesn't effect the coin design. The coin design is perfect and should remain.
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    Logo designs (all) -- please view & discuss!

    This is the only one I liked.
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    Same IP got a HeavyCoin game:
  23. DieCommieScum

    DGW Time Warp Exploit???

    DGW was made in response to that exploit.
  24. DieCommieScum

    Darkcoin Dice Game

    CHAOSiTEC being a great pool operator, and now being so quick to get an awesomely functioning Dice site up, we've decided to partner and you can now access the site via Sorry Dooglus, missed your chance :cool:
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    Address Distribution

    You have absolutely zero clue what you are talking about, don't you?
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    Can DRK play a role in the recovery of the Ukraine?

    I watched a very interesting video today relating to the the promise of Crypto Anarchy by Daniel Krawisz... The long and the short, though I recommend all who believe in the politics of crypto watch it, is that it will benefit all of us regardless of the oppression we live under. Of...
  27. DieCommieScum

    Partnership Sought for

    I have acquired the domain in an effort to convince Dooglus to clone his successful Just-Dice and Doge-Dice, willing to transfer ownership at no cost. Apparently this action is not receiving the traction we would hope for. I have posted a gig on Coinaility to clone the site, to...
  28. DieCommieScum

    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    I think the timing of this coin is perfect, X11 in combination with Scrypt ASICS coming out, and the focus on the lack of anonymity in the Bitcoin blockchain as it relates to darksend seem to be creating almost a perfect storm of why this coin is necessary to create redundancy in the crypto...
  29. DieCommieScum

    DarkCoin Faucet

    Faucet was down for a bit I noticed today, the VM I was hosting it on suffered from a recent bug I've noticed in my professional life (autoconf IP in a DHCP setting). I've fixed that, the best way to reach me in downtime scenarios is via reddit PM.
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    Activation Email

    Don't have a second to bother testing with, but since I originally reported the incident I've noticed the Live services are picky about SPF records... if the server IP (and/or it's RDNS) is specified in the SPF record I see no reason why it should be blocked.
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    Logo discussion

  32. DieCommieScum

    Logo discussion

    The colored ones with the lowercase d should be reserved for CanadaCoin, because it looks like a hockey stick.
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    Help figuring out my website usage please?

    She says the photos are hosted on her husbands website.
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    Any VPN Providers accepting DRK?

    Rhetorical question, but I believe this is an important service that be made available for DRK. None being known to me, I am going to initiate the process of becoming an AirVPN reseller and will accept DRK for AirVPN activation codes. I will post in the Marketplace, here, and on Cointrepid once...
  35. DieCommieScum

    Bitcoin to be taxed as property, not currency by IRS

    I think the announcement is of little meaning, personally. By the books type were likely to report their gains anyway out of an abundance of caution, agorists never were, I don't see how this changes that formula. With this guidance though, I see mandatory 1099's coming down the pike from legit...
  36. DieCommieScum

    Help figuring out my website usage please?

    The control panel at the webhost likely has stats tools available for install, 99% of commodity webserververs are running CPanel so if that is the case login to the control panel and activate AWStats. Awstats will give you a break down of views, where they are coming from, whats using up the...
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    That's fucking gold having seen that reddit thread first hand. :cool:
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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    same with me and Doge, it was stupid profitable for like a week, I made like $200 off a single radeon 7850 in a matter of days.
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    Activation Email