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  1. Druid

    Dash Core upgrade from version v0.12.2.1

    Hey guys! How are you? I wanna upgrade my dash core from version v0.12.2.1 to v0.14.0.3. How can I do it and still keep my previous public and private keys? Today I tried to log in my Dash Core v0.12.2.1 and couldn't connect to servers. So I'll try to update to see if that's the problem...
  2. Druid

    Dash on Warsaw Block on 25.08.2016 ?

    Good idea! I'm not a masternode owner, but I support that.
  3. Druid

    Idea for BTC -> Dash exchange with 0% fees

    There is no free lunch. If they pass that proposal, it's just gonna create the wrong incentives. Please, read Mises.
  4. Druid

    Universal Dividend and Web of Trust for Dashcoin

    That. Thank you, sir, for expressing my thoughts with words.
  5. Druid

    Poupança Dash : sera confiável ???

    Nunca ouvi falar também. Eu ainda acho melhor investir em fundos de investimentos e deixar uma porcentagem menor em dash.
  6. Druid

    January 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

    Kot, do you have any idea when you're going to submit dashwallet to apple store again?
  7. Druid

    V12 Release

    Hi guys! I'm a new member. My wallet version is v0.12.0.55-c30a0aa (64-bit), how may I update to this new version above? I couldn't find the update button in my Dash Core Wallet. Thanks!
  8. Druid

    Dashwallet for iOS with IX sending

    Good one! I'm seeking a friend with Macbook now.