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  1. phryed

    Development Update - 6/6/2014 - Masternode Payments

    Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. phryed

    CCminer X11 mining on NVidia cards

    i am also running into this issue. does anyone have a solution?
  3. phryed

    Drk for Laughts!

  4. phryed

    HELP!!!what's the settings for hd7990???

    delete the conf file, and just run it command line, similar to what i have shown.
  5. phryed

    Extremely Low KH. Can I use Hardware?

    i tried using some older left over GPUs, couldn't really get any of them to work. older GPUs do not support the specific instruction sets of the current generation of GPUs. anything older than 4-5 years old, proably won't work. if you want to try mining, get 1 or 2 Nvidia 750ti you can use them...
  6. phryed

    HELP!!!what's the settings for hd7990???

    i don't really do any settings for X11. just, depending on what miner you have: ./sgminer --kernel darkcoin -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword and you can always tweak your core and mem clks.
  7. phryed

    Where to buy DarkCoin for USD?

    i believe Moolah does, but there seems to be no activity there:
  8. phryed

    CCminer X11 mining on NVidia cards

    you can use the built version here:
  9. phryed

    MPOS The Official Pool is down 4/25

    its been offline since about 4:30pm central. any word on what's going on?
  10. phryed

    Official logo vote

    i do still like the current logo, but guess its time to move on?
  11. phryed

    Why does X11 run cooler?

    I believe it was originally designed as a CPU miner targeted algorithm, so makes sense that it is not GPU efficient.
  12. phryed

    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    Great read, thanks for sharing, and keep up the dark work!
  13. phryed


    i i did not notice a drop in hashrate, but not sure i got a good A/B comparison, since i am constantly tweaking my settings and which coins i'm mining. next time to flash a GPU, i'll make sure and check.
  14. phryed

    Lottery Mining running a special this week 3/26

    Lottery every day for the next 7 days with an additional 25 dark in the pool:
  15. phryed

    Why is the reward rate the way it is?

    anybody know what exactly changed with the latest 9.1 update?
  16. phryed


    so, i know its not as important while mining Dark, but it can still save you plenty of power, and since i switch between coins pretty regularly, its a necessity. Obviously i knew undervoltaging would help with thermal issues, but i finally got around to doing it this week and the results have...
  17. phryed

    What a lucky block!!

    is this a p2p pool or a regular pool?
  18. phryed

    DRK / USD now on

    that's cool thanks for the heads up.
  19. phryed

    DarkCoin Faucet

    Success! You have been awarded with 0.0041 Dark Coins!
  20. phryed


    seems like most have avatars set. it does help make posters more memorable.
  21. phryed

    Why is the reward rate the way it is?

    yes, i believe this changed just last week. previously it was using the gravity well, but the devs implemented the Dark gravity wave for a more robust algorithm.
  22. phryed

    Windows Mining Walkthrough

    nice walk through. very well done.
  23. phryed

    Mining Pools

    I mine the official pool. no complaints so far, a few more stats would be nice.
  24. phryed

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Darktalk
  25. phryed


    apparently they are adding dark via their prelude service:
  26. phryed

    Why is the reward rate the way it is?

    apparently the algorithm for the gravity well is : KGW = 1 + (0.7084 * pow((double(PastBlocksMass)/double(144)), -1.228)); it was implemented to counter the effects mulitpools were having on coin difficulty. full story:
  27. phryed

    Mining Hardware Comparison

    impressive # for a cpu.
  28. phryed

    Mining Pools

    has anyone here actually won the lottery at lotterymining?
  29. phryed


    shouldn't there be a subforum for pools?
  30. phryed

    Mining suggestions for an i5 and NVIDIA

    you can mine Drk with your i5. it will be slow going, but it works. and your machine is actually still usable. for your nvidia, i would recommend mining bitcoin through an exchange mining pool, like you will want to use cudaminer.
  31. phryed

    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Right now its Bitcoin, Doge, and Drk.
  32. phryed

    Neo & Bee

    So are they limited to Cyprus? or they could become an international company?
  33. phryed

    Anybody trading on Mintpal?

    12% is the exchange fee? if so, that's crazy. i haven't used an exchange to date, just mining. what is a typical exchange fee?
  34. phryed

    100 DRK giveaway!

    received my coin, thanks zep!
  35. phryed

    Mining DarkCoin, a beginners journey...

    if its not too late, i'd recomend this type of riser, much easier to work with, and your 290s are gonna need breathing room if you ever mine scrypt:
  36. phryed

    Hashing Speeds

    Visiontek R9 280x SPH-SGMINER v4.1.0 2.0MHash
  37. phryed

    SGMiner using to much CPU cores

    can you check your processes(ctl+alt+del)? is sgminer the thing that is actually using your CPU cycles or is it something else? any chance sgminer is trying to use your intel hd graphics to mine? or does it only show the two 280xs?
  38. phryed

    100 DRK active member lottery! - Winner drawn, congratulations DieCommieScum!

    can't wait to win the dark lottery! thanks to the sponsors.
  39. phryed

    100 DRK giveaway!

    Xb53mSEek8xaA1b4u76yfvvSpWcXnK6QDg Free Dark, much better than no Dark! thanks!