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  1. InternetApe

    Darkcoin Official Whitepapers/Documents

    Official Whitepaper: PR Statement: Documentation: DarkSend v3:
  2. InternetApe

    Need Logo for DarkSend and DarkGravityWave

    The logo doesn't need to look like a coin at all. DarkSend is the Beta anon part of the wallet. DarkGravityWave is the replacement for KGW to adjust the Diff based on Network has rate.
  3. InternetApe

    Official Coin/Logos

    For now these are the Official Logo. 3D Coin: Flat Coin: Logo.png Flat EPS Coin: Logo.eps We need a logo for DarkSend and for DarkGravityWave There are threads in the General area to post your...
  4. InternetApe

    Darkcoin/DarkSend Beta

    Check here for the latest Beta updates for Darkcoin Wallet and DarkSend. DarkSend Progress Reports: Feb 20th #6: Feb 26th: Press Release: March 3rd, DarkSend Public Beta...