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    Loading old wallets

    Hi, I updated to Dash since Darkcoin, but I have a couple wallet.dat files each with a couple coins in them. Do I simply just put the old wallet.dat file into the Dash folder (Windows) or do I have to do anything else to get the old wallets to work?
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    New to DRK. Some thoughts and questions.

    Hi! Questions first: 1. Is it maybe wise to target specific communities as early DRK adopters rather than shoot for instant mainstream appeal? 2. What does the community think of pegging DRK's value to something tangible like manual work-hours that the community might spend? 3. In the short...
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    I can't unlock my wallet

    I think I shut down the wallet before it finished encrypting my passphrase. Is that possible? Or, despite entering the passphrase twice ( a sentence) and writing it down, when I re-enter said phrase my wallet isn't opening up. I only had 2.5 DRK in there at the time. Should I just delete the...