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  1. mannie

    Trading forums

    What does everyone think about reaching out to share traders on forums like this: These guys are used to trading for only tiny percentage gains. They could be interested to know DRK has gone up 1000% since March. Liquidity is important for...
  2. mannie

    New DRK website

    Hi all, I've adapted a HTML theme for a new Darkcoin website. It's not designed to be permanent but just a temp one for now to replace the current website. I've also rewritten copy from a previous attempt at a new website. Would appreciate comments on design, text, errors (note: most links...
  3. mannie

    Darkcoin video

    Here's a great little video discussing the Bitcoin payment system Does anyone out there have the skills to create one for Darkcoin? I think there is a bounty for a video...