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  1. souptacular

    Funniest GIF I've Seen in a While...

    External Link to GIF:
  2. souptacular

    Texas Bitcoin Conference 2015

    Hey all, I'm considering attending the Texas Bitcoin Conferenceon March 28-29 in Austin, TX. Is anyone else going? I plan on advocating Darkcoin to whoever is interested in anonymity and will have some prepared talking points. Also, I could bring some cheap...
  3. souptacular

    Reccomendations for Darkcoin Dev. Tools

    Hey everyone, Sorry if this question has been posted in elsewhere, but I am wondering what software I should use to explore/test/build Darkcoin source code. I normally code in Java and use Eclipse IDE for that, but am completely unfamiliar with the set-up and tools to code/test C++ and QT code...
  4. souptacular

    My site just started accepting Darkcoin for video services. If you have old VHS videotapes that need to be transferred to a digital format send me a PM or visit the site for more information.