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  1. Mike Crypto

    [Pre-Prop] DashBoost Cycles February - April

    Thank you for your hard work @Pasta. You have my vote and support! I also look forward to seeing how Boost will develop as a funding platform once we have services such as Boost Insight running. One issue we definitely need to solve is whales obstructing proposal owners at the end of the month...
  2. Mike Crypto

    Core Team Public Relations (February)

    You definitely need to restructure your PR strategy and test your success criteria with more top-tier agencies. Thank you!
  3. Mike Crypto

    Preproposal cancel. View new proposal off Juan Usuga with name : Evolución Dash.

    Thank you for posting a pre-proposal. Can you please contact George, who we consider to be lead for Colombia, and have him help you prepare your proposal in a concise and easy to understand format. Thanks
  4. Mike Crypto

    Pre-Proposal (DashBoost): DASH-REM / PANAMA-MARACAY (VENEZUELA)

    It is an interesting experiment and I believe that you should pursue it, but wait for future funding cycles in order to apply for funding (e.g. February / March). I would also think about a smaller experiment and then apply for more funding. I believe that a trusted community member has...
  5. Mike Crypto

    MNOs & Community, I need your support today.

    Nebojsa is a well-known member of the community. As Criticalinput MNO wrote on his Dash Central page: "Voting YES. A modest funding ask from Nebojša Jović. I see various past DashForceNews articles on achievements. FWIW - Beyond wide ranging advertising/promotions...
  6. Mike Crypto

    DCG January 1st Budget Proposals To Be Posted by December 8th

    What happened to proposals? Based on discussions on Discord, other proposal owners are waiting to see whether you will request more budget so they can submit their proposals.
  7. Mike Crypto

    Beta-proposal: Dash Write . Blogging platform for self-sustaining content

    You can submit a proposal via Dash Boost: and ask for up to 25 Dash in funding. The fee to submit the proposal is 1 Dash.
  8. Mike Crypto

    Beta-proposal: Dash Write . Blogging platform for self-sustaining content

    Thank for the asnwer. It still makes more sense to submit a smaller proposal - I am sure you can launch a blogging platform for Dash for $50 via Wordpress or WIX and come and ask for more funding to scale it, once you have validated interest from the market and interest from people to write blog...
  9. Mike Crypto

    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    I would support this proposal in 2019, when the price recovers, there is no way that this can pass now when it would take majority of the budget that will be left after core proposals. At this stage, we need to focus on smaller proposals. Wait for Dash Ventures and come back with a much smaller...
  10. Mike Crypto

    Recruiting: Dash salespeople in each country on Dashnearby

    Did I understand this well, you want people to buy Dash at other exchanges and come to your site to sell it to other people in their community at higher prices? Why would someone buy it, where is demand on your website? You want MNOs to fund people that will be walking around and selling Dash to...
  11. Mike Crypto

    Beta-proposal: Dash Write . Blogging platform for self-sustaining content

    Thank you for your pre-proposal. With Dash Watch and other platforms sharing news about Dash, I do not think this is the right time for this proposal to pass. There are other individuals users writing about Dash as well. I would start a blog and start writing, you do not require any investments...
  12. Mike Crypto


    You are a well known member of the community and your efforts are evident. However, taking into consideration the price of Dash, it might be wise to lower the ask to lets say 40 Dash and ask for more support from MNOs once the price recovers. Otherwise, you are creating more risk for other...
  13. Mike Crypto

    DCG will discontinue support for DashCopay wallet

    I wish we could support all platforms, but DashPay wallet and Evolution features do carry more value for the growth of the community. Thanks for the update!
  14. Mike Crypto

    PROGRESS REPORT: Building Awareness and Content for Dash in Iran

    Great progress! I always love reading more about people making great progress around the world and spreading the message. There is no doubt that Dash is leading the evolution forward and I lucky that we have passionate members of the community. Thank you for your hard work! :)
  15. Mike Crypto

    The further growth of Dash in SEE

    I have heard great things about your efforts in Serbia. Impressive work with the last conference :cool: You are a well known member of the community and your ask will not impact our budget or other proposals but could bring great value to Dash ecosystem so you have my support. We have funded...
  16. Mike Crypto

    DashUP: potential to get +10000 Dash Users or more

    I like the idea, but I think you should apply for funding next year. Keep building in the meantime and keep us updated!
  17. Mike Crypto

    Feedback wanted! Dash Embassy Thailand Proposal Q1/2019

    You are doing impressive work in Thailand! You have my support :)
  18. Mike Crypto

    Proposal: Dash Electrum support and development

    As ec1warc1 asked, I would also like to know if the 32 bit version be offered regularly in future releases? Overall, a valuable proposal for our community.
  19. Mike Crypto

    Pre-Proposal | Influencers with more than 25 millions of views monthly.

    Without a proof and list of channels, including more details on the proposal in general, there is no way this would get any support from the community.
  20. Mike Crypto

    Pre-Proposal: White knight to save

    I think that a crowdfunding campaign would be a better option, something like Kickstarter, have their supporters save their studio, this will also prove that there is a following around it, and come back to Dash with a smaller proposal for some type of partnership.
  21. Mike Crypto


    I love the idea, but would also like to see something tangible we can review or at least get a sense of what you are trying to accomplish. This is an interesting idea, my advice is to present it with more visual details if you decide to go for a full proposal.
  22. Mike Crypto

    Dash internships / Representation Office Thailand

    Great proposal. I love the idea - this could easily expand in different directions and create valuable impact for Dash Nation.
  23. Mike Crypto

    Project proposal - Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses and merchants

    The survey is a bit long. I like the proposal in general, you are moving in the right direction.
  24. Mike Crypto

    University Crypto Mining Club

    Thank you for your enthusiasm, but my advice is to start with a proposal in a different field, build some trust in the community, grow and contribute value within the Dash Nation, and later find a few people in the community to tackle this opportunity with you as reliable partners. Moreover...
  25. Mike Crypto

    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    Well, having debit cards is a possibility and a great way to grow Dash Nation, we just need someone serious to execute the idea and get us distributed internationally. Perhaps, Bradley Zastrow could tackle this opportunity as well, he is probably keeping it in his agenda for the near future...
  26. Mike Crypto

    Pre-proposal: Introducing Dash to the international Robotics/STEM community.

    This looks like a great opportunity that Dash should definitely support. Investing in academic opportunities related to technology is a great way to establish a positive connection with the general public.
  27. Mike Crypto

    Blockchain & "human version 2.0"

    Thanks for joining the community. I like your passion, but "revolution" seems like a strong word to describe the values of cryptocurrencies or the development process related to their values - it can serve more as a buzz word in the community - but I do agree, the benefits of blockchain...
  28. Mike Crypto

    Pre-proposal: Reinventing Decentralized Challenges

    You have already done a tremendous work in Serbia and your proposal is very professional, so you definitely have my support. Your ask is reasonable and this model could be very successful at creating fantastic value for Dash community and its further growth. Kudos to you for getting Glialab...
  29. Mike Crypto

    Pre-proposal: Cryptocurrency Law and Tax Guide for DASH Masternodes, Miners and Investors

    Very interesting proposal John, but as a new member, I think that it would be more valid to start with a smaller proposal and build your way up. 90 Dash is a lot of money for a legal and tax guide, especially when you are talking about a cryptocurrency, "industry" where majority of members are...
  30. Mike Crypto

    ALL ABOUT DASH Resource channel for Latin American audience

    Great work, your proposal seems very strategic and could create a lot of value for Dash. Think about working on bigger proposals in the future.
  31. Mike Crypto


    You have my support. You have proven yourself as a valuable member to this community.
  32. Mike Crypto

    Dash Radio Advertising, 170+ stations.

    Love the workk you are doing. Keep it up.
  33. Mike Crypto

    30 reasons cryptocurrency will kick ass of banks

    I like your passion man and I completely agree with you, but we also have to be very professional and strategic about long-term implementation of Dash and our projects. Making major changes in the world requires that we focus on education and outreach while being very professional and smart...
  34. Mike Crypto

    Pre-Proposal: - Online Shopping Marketplace

    I like the proposal. Would love to see a different funding structure though. The only question in my mind is whether it is cheaper to pursue this path or invest equal resources in making a partnership with an established eCommerce provider. Nevertheless, you have my support, but I would love to...