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  1. unchained

    I am in Kiev - any dash folks here

    Hi Dash People. Any Dash people in Kiev?
  2. unchained

    (Pre-Proposal) Dash Masternode Internship Program

    Hi Guys, I'm ex-Intel, former sw guy, went into business dev/marketing and advertising and now im here with Dash. I've been out of the programming scene for several years, but ive been in the business world for the last 10 years.... I can program if i want to, but im better at business... Im...
  3. unchained

    Pre-Proposal: Sponsoring new documentary MAINSTREAM by James Jaeger“mainstream”-globalist-agenda-movies Hello fellow Masternodes, i was scouring news and came across this new documentary being made about how banking and finance control media and choke out "non aligned" view points.... i...