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  1. LimLims

    Darkcoin marketing role

    I'm stepping down from my role in the Darkcoin team, which means I'll be passing on this marketing/branding effort to the community & the devs. I wish you the best of luck with it! I'd planned that next steps would involve selecting a colour palette, then writing a branding guide, then getting...
  2. LimLims

    Blue vs B&W Logo

    I'm reducing this to a simple binary vote. Poll closes in 48 hrs. Candidates are: 1. 2.
  3. LimLims

    Official logo vote

    Please note: a vote for a logo represents a vote for all variations of that logo. Also, a coin image (similar to the existing one) will likely be made from the chosen logo. Option 10 has changed to the one submitted by Enzwell. Here's the list: 1. 2...
  4. LimLims

    Proposed selection of logo candidates

    THIS IS NOT THE VOTE. The actual vote will happen tomorrow. This thread is simply to make sure I haven't missed any popular logos to include in the vote. Here is the selection I've narrowed down, based on the discussion so far. Let me know if you think any others should be included. Also...
  5. LimLims

    Logo designs (all) -- please view & discuss!

    Community submissions & existing logo: Designcrowd submissions: Please let me know if I've missed any.
  6. LimLims

    Logo selection process

    The designcrowd competition is ending its submission phase today, which means we have a further ~week to make a decision about who gets the prize. I can't wait to show you all the submissions we've got. Here's the selection process that we'll follow -- I'll create a thread for each of these...
  7. LimLims

    Italian subforum

    A bitcointalk user has kindly translated the Darkcoin OP into Italian: Could we add a subforum here for Italian speakers, and link to this translated OP? In fact we could mirror the localised subforums on bitcointalk, since I'm assuming they've...
  8. LimLims

    Known attack vectors, defences, risk & cost quantification

    I'm particularly interested in documenting a list of known attack vectors, any implemented or theoretical defences, and in quantifying the cost of mounting attack, and the risk & likelihood of losing anonymity / coins. Perhaps we could open the discussion by talking through possible Sybil...
  9. LimLims

    Logo discussion

    From this thread: As per the timeline here, first step is getting some crowdsourced logos to pick from. I currently have 272 DRK redirected from bounties for this, and I need around 600 to kick this off. Currently at 358 /...
  10. LimLims

    Google trends

    So, these are kind of fun: