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    Blockchain Bloat Discussion

    My biggest concern with Dash right now is the potential growth in the size of the blockchain. With all the features being added to Dash (Darksend, InstantX, Evolution) it seems a though there is going to be very rapid growth. Is this correct? Does the masternode make this problem moot?
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    [Suggestion] DuckDuckGo Price Quote

    It would be great to have Dash price quotes integrated into search engines like it is for Bitcoin. Google and Bing might be a bit of a tough ask right now, but what about DuckDuckGo (first to integrate Bitcoin).
  3. H Currently Down [Back Up Now] Is this due to increased traffic today? Anyone working on fixing it?
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    Recovering Lost Wallet

    Apologies if this is not the best place to post this. Recently I had to reinstall the operating system on my laptop (issues with a Windows 10 preview build). Usually I am pretty good at doing backups of my wallet, but hadn't done one for a while. As a result my latest backup has about 60 DASH...
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    Any Developers Interested in a Darckoin Related Project

    I haven't been very active around here lately, but I occasionally comment on /r/drkcoin, and last year I commented quite extensively on the DRK thread over at Bitcointalk (same username a here). I'm looking for a developer who would be interested in taking on a Darkcoin related project (a...
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    What is Darkcoin Forked From?

    I need to know what coin Darkcoin was forked from. The wallet give copyright to "The Bitcoin Developers" and "The Peercoin Developers", while GitHub says it is "forked from litecoin-project/Litecoin".
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    Just Created Jobs 4 Darkcoins on Reddit
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    Restoring a Backup

    Last Monday I accidently left my laptop on a train. I reported it lost, and anyone turning the laptop on could see my email address on the lock screen to contact me, but 6 days later I have heard nothing. Nearly all my data was on cloud storage, EXCEPT my Darkcoin. I created a Backup a while...
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    Block Database Corrupted

    I got a message in Darkcoin-Qt telling me "Block Database Corrupted". I then closed Qt and upon reopening it asked me whether I wanted to rebuild the database or abort. I choose to rebuild and it is "Reindexing blocks on disk". What was happening there? Why does it happen?
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    Beginner's Guide to Darkcoin

    I posted about this in the general section, but thought I better post it here also. I created an 'Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Darkcoin', to claim one of the bounties. I plan to add more to it, such as encrypting and backing up the wallet. The design also needs a little work as it is quite long...
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    Darkcoin guide

    Hi Everyone I've created a basic guide to downloading and using the Darkcoin wallet (it was one bounties). I'll expand it to cover some more information and make some more tweaks to the design.