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  1. elgringo

    Bitcoin prices plummet, Time to unlink ! Today, the bitcoin prices have gone below 200$. This is an example of why we should decouple from bitcoin. I think still think that one of the best ways to do so is by establishing a seperate Darkcoin to fiat exchange. run by...
  2. elgringo

    Bittorrent P2P browsing

    Torrents for browsing Any thoughts on this ?
  3. elgringo

    Masternode, error in payment ?

    so a couple days ago I checked Expected Masternode Payment and I saw a payment didnt come through I saw it under, Masterndoe Payee [from confirmed block] not_detected:XixmyNSGGGXEJEzKghoRnTto5ZVhficSek pool_unknown_261 I want to know why did I not receive the payment ? Did the pool not pay...
  4. elgringo

    Darkcoin in the Netherlands

    Hey, I would love to go some stores in the Netherlands at which they accept bitcoins, and ask them if they would accept darkcoins. However I dont have a lot of experience with that. So I have some questions for the marketing department here: I would like to know the name of a payment processor...