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    What's happening in this block?

    Hi Guys Can somebody please explain to me what's happening in this block. Instead of the generation + Fee's output going to two address (miner and masternode) the output is going to many many addresses, each receiving a very small amount of DASH except one receiving 2.09 DASH...
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    DASH USP Idea

    I was thinking about how we can describe DASH's Unique Selling Point/Proposition (USP) to new users and came up with the following. DASH USP = Guaranteed, Free, Secure, Private and Simple Digital Cash Transactions in a Blink On another note I was looking for a marketing section on the forum to...
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    Subscription model idea for Evolution

    There are many businesses/services that run under a subscription model The current subscription model works by you giving companies the power to withdraw funds from your debit and credit accounts at set dates each month. Many of these models enable you to pay monthly but tie you in to an annual...
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    Confirmed Transactions Without a Blockchain

    This is an interesting article about an even more interesting technology. Do you think it would work and could we use any of its ideas? Whitepaper -> Website...
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    UK Looking to Innovate Payment Systems --> DASH would be perfect

    Has anybody contacted these guys --> They officially have powers to drive payment systems forward in the UK from tomorrow.
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    Darkcoin Saving Litecoin Poster

    Please use this however you like.
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    Darkcoin Infographics for Education and Marketing Purposes

    Hi Guys I'm thinking about putting together a series of Infographics about Darkcoin, which could be used for marketing and education... Below is a list of possible topics I could focus on. Please let me know if you think the infographics idea is any-good and secondly, your thoughts on the...
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    17 Reasons to Invest in Darkcoin

    1) Unlike Bitcoin, Darkcoin transactions are anonymous/private (off block-chain anonymity and quantum computing proof) 2) Darkcoins anonymity feature "DarkSend" has been carefully designed to ensure user’s anonymity isn't uncovered through known attack vectors. This cannot be said for other on...
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    This sounds a little like DarkTor