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    looking at setting up a buisness

    I am in the process of setting up a business to earn some extra cash. The idea is if the customer pays with DASH they get a discount making it cheaper then paying with normal cash. On that subject I would also like to run my own block explore server. Something I can type in to a webpage...
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    CANADA sell my dash options

    I am looking at setting up a few options to sell some of my dash and need some directions option 1 direct to bank account option 2 pay to mastercard. Ideally be able to use both
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    is this crypto crash a bad thing?

    I gave some thought today about what is going on with the markets and it got me wondering With people who invested into crypto to make a profit are hurting wouldn't a stable price be better for a coin that will replace traditional money? If I were running a business that accepted dash for...
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    were is our glorious leader

    I haven't been paying a lot off attention as far as what is going on with dash lately. I noticed eduffield hasn't been online for these forums for almost a year, I am assuming cause there is a lot of work going on in the background. Just a little yes i'm still alive and no my wife hasn't...
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    Wallet.dat issue

    i have been using a laptop for my main dash wallet. The wallet is s few years old and it is now time to move it to my new machine and return the old laptop to the computer gods. Problem is I tried moving the dat file over and get the new latest wallet working. It keeps crashing. Wallet is a...
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    i'm bored but found something interesting but not use full

    Since I am currently not working I find myself with a lot of time on my hands and everything else that goes with being unemployed. Browsing the net I found Supposedly has every private key for bitcoin. *** Before you even think about it the chances of finding the address with...
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    question regarding the wallet.dat file

    I have known and am wondering if there is an easy way to find out which wallet.dat is for what coin.
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    Canada left over funds on prepaid credit card

    I got a pre paid credit card as a gift. I am going to use it soon but I will have $40 or so left on it. Does anyone know what it the best option to use that $40 and convert it to dash? Only thought I have that may not work is transfer it to my paypal account then wesellcrypto. Looking for a...
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    trying to set this up. Dash payment for webstore

    I am in the process of setting up a webstore. Trying to currently figure out a few things and get everything to work together. Right now I am looking at a way to generate address and import them into my dash wallet. I thought about a mass amount of addresses but there has to be a simpler way...
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    slack channel

    been a few months since I was on the unofficial slack channel. Problem is I cant post anything. Any help? Android
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    Dash on tor/I2p and others

    I'm curious. If dash were to be used let's say in tor would it be a complete separate network? Or would this have to tie into the regular dash network? Wondering how it is going to work.
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    Think we need a fee calculator on the main

    Sometimes when sending dash you want to figure out the fees that get added. On the main page a calculator that actually tells you the fees. You can enter 5 dash then select your options, including instant and darksend.
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    using a the web dash value is different then the wallet

    I am working on a google sheets to keep track of my dash. Want to see what I have using my tablet and phone when using a site like I get a value of 0.09103051 using the dash core on windows it registers 0.11104567 DASH I have nothing pending at the moment. I got a...
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    I would like to thank hashengineering

    There was a bug in the android wallet. They have been very helpful in recovering my coins. I have recovered all my coins and the bug has been fixed. I still plan on using there wallet for my future buisness.
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    Another google sheets

    I realize I should learn google sheets. Any help with manuals or books to look at? I currently have other crypto coins, ideally I will eventually switch them to dash. I am looking to add to Google sheets the exchange rates from or similar sites. I have total number of coins say...
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    Mining master nodes questions

    Do we need miners? Are they the ones who create new coins to add to the supply? How do master nodes get there income?
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    setting up google sheets

    I am setting up google sheets to keep track of my dash. I need some help I need to convert the # of dash I have to USD I have both the amount of dash I have and the current price. Now if I do the simple =a1*a2 I get an error. I believe since I have an actual dolar amount that is the issue 2nd...
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    Time to act
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    High, low steady what is the best

    I have noticed that the price if dash has been between 4-5 dollars. Is it better to have a low price like it is now, a high price like bitcoin now or when it was 1000 or just a steady price?
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    What or who decides the value of dash

    What forces can cause dash to go up or down in value?
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    Point of sale machine

    Doing some thinking while I wait to start my task for the day I was wondering if having a point of sale machine in a buisness that works with traditional cash but also has the option to select dash. Example You walk into a grocery store to pick up something to eat. When the teller rings it in...
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    Canadian users. Buying dash

    Looking at every month using part of my pay cheque to buy dash. Small amounts but got to start somewhere. Looking my best bet is to buy bitcoins then convert to dash. What is the best site to use?
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    switching to linux

    I have a pc with 3 nvidia GPU cards. Currently I am running windows but would like to switch to linux as I can probably get better performance. Now I am no lnux guru but I have used it in the past. Ideally just a command line is needed as this is primary what it is going to be used for. There...
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    Using dash as the only cryptocurrency.

    By the end of Feb I will be a authorized dealer of a specific product. Don't want to say but it is legal. Provided I pay the taxes. As a bonus any of my clients will get a certain % discount if they pay using dash only. Cash will be full price. It will be a extra income job but I need to look...
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    Getting the word out there

    Is there a place to purchase goods like stickers, coffee mugs and such? Was thinking that if something as simple as a sticker on a car that has a website on it could help spread the word.
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    boot and mine off usb drive

    is it possible to boot of a usb drive and have it automatically start to mine? nvidia gpus.
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    Got some free time

    Have some free time and figure I would look into this darknet buisness. I have herd of tor and quick research states i2p is better but harder to get started. Any good place to start? I am dedicating a old but still good pc to play with
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    $cad to dash

    New job means more income. Once I get my current bills payed of I want to start buying more dash. What is my best option?
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    Darkcoin payments for buisness

    Wondering how merchants are doing it. Example Customer purchases product for 20usd how are they making sure the amount of drk adjusts based on the price of drk? Address payment. Do they have a bank of addresses for payment? notification of payment cost is 8drk, how does one monitor the address...
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    payment question

    I have the android wallet and it works fine. I would like to send some drk to someone and have a question. The agreed upon price is 100drk. Now there is a processing fee of .001. Now does that fee come out of the 100 or is it taken out as well as the 100? the reciever gets the 100 and there is...
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    convert bitcoin to darkcoin

    I can see darkcoin being a good investment. since drug dealers are using it, plus I like the stealth. I currently have .45 of a bitcoin that I want to convert to dark. I have never done any sort of bitcoin spending so looking at what to do
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    getting started round 2

    using windows 8.1 I successfully used my gt430 to mine. Now I have 2 750ti from newegg but the damn delivery company still has it in the same spot for almost a week. Just today I removed windows 8.1 and have the latest Ubuntu on. I need some guidance 1. what miner should I use? 2. Some sort of...
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    how well do you think this would work?

    example being I have 2 usb 3.0 ports on my setup only 2 x16 for gpu's I guess technically it should work but would the speed be there?
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    just startting out

    I have mined bitcoins in the past but giving darkcoin a try. I am having issues getting setup pool is darkcointalk I have setup a worker (test) and password (test) I have a windows machine I want to cpu mine. I will be installing linux on sunday and ordering a gpu for it as well. my issue is...