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    Tutorial for Dash trading bot on Bitshares exchange

    See this video for a tutorial on how to setup a Dash trading bot on the Bitshares Decentralised Exchange:
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    The Masternode Status link at the bottom of the page no longer seems to work. Does this need updating?
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    Great article on why Dash is the future
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    Masternodes take over?

    Is it possible for ~all the available Dash to be used to form Masternodes? ie. what is there to limit the number of Masternodes created, other than the MN payments being reduced to almost zero? And obviously the cost of acquiring all the available Dash.
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    Dash on Kraken

    To facilitate Dash uptake, there really should be an effort to add it to other large respected exchanges such as Kraken, however when I contacted them last week the reply I got was... Maybe if there was sufficient interest from others it would help. Jeff (Kraken Support) Mar 2, 14:13 Hi...