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  1. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    We Making our own Dash Nation (Public Announcement to MNO's and Dash Community)

    You can read our Pre-Proposal for details of our plans:
  2. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    Dash Global utility For Dash

    At $200/Dash total request is :63 Dash for 3 Month Break Down Of Financial Request: Previous Achievement: Dash-Watch Report...
  3. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    Do we really care about Mass Adoption?

    The crypto ecosystem in Africa and largely in West Africa have no use case even Dash. In Europe you have, in Canada we have a lot of other crypto services that helps adoption. Almost everyday we receive calls from folks who had attended our meetups to ask when we are delivering...
  4. Oluwajuwon Micheal


    DASH RETIREMENT PLAN / UTILITY FOR AFRICA PHASE 1 OBJECTIVE OF PROPOSAL According to the research carried out by the DashSquard Team CTO: Nigerian trade around 10 billion Naira worth of cryptocurrency each month. Paxful CTO, Artur Schaback, stated that 35% of their traffic comes from Nigeria...
  5. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    Dash Advocate Debt, legal issues and unfinished projects needs help!

    I am Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal an advocate of Dash in Nigeria. The proposal "Project2million" raised by Dachsquad has continued to secure solid grounds for the adoption and use of Dash in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The team has been able to conquer each milestone just as they promised...
  6. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    Pre-Proposal: Project Ten Thousand New Dashers (D10)

    Project Ten Thousand New Dashers (D10) Problem Statement Cryptocurrency use is soaring throughout Africa, with many of the continent’s unbanked using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a store of value, medium of P2P exchange and form of remittance. Cryptocurrency is particularly valuable...
  7. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    Proposal To fund A Cultural Festival/Music Festival Event In Kaduna, Nig.

    Dovetail Festival And Urban Music in collaboration with DASH Squard Nigeria To open 500 New Dash Wallet. I will be partnering with the ChongeDoveTail founders and Urban Music Festival so as to introduce Dash to most of the attendees of the event. What is...
  8. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    DashSquard Ng. Speaks At Nigeria Blockchain Summit

    Dash-Squard representative will be speaking at the Abuja Blockchain Summit: Topic: The Currency that all Nigerians should use Date: 15th to 16th November Time: 9:00PM Website of the conference: DashSquard Twitter handle:
  9. Oluwajuwon Micheal


    PROPOSAL Dash 150 Nigerian military personnel conference on the 28 November, Time: 10Am-12Pm The dash 150 Nigerian military personnel conference is the first of its kind to ever happen on the Nigerian Soil and Africa as a whole. The conference is aimed at introducing 150 Nigerian military...
  10. Oluwajuwon Micheal

    My Dash Nigeria Meetup

    Hello, DASH community We finished our Nigeria Meetup! I am glad that we were able to collect a good audience. 1. We had 38 guests. 21 people knew nothing about cryptocurrency. no one knew about Dash. 9 people have come on the recommendation of friends. 7-8 people left for various reasons...