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    How to master Cryptocurrencies?

    Agreed. Andreas M. Antonopoulos writes good books, they are worth to read
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    Why Many Country Rejected Cryptocurrency ?

    What is this topic about? About the rejection of cryptocurrency or about the creation of a new cryptocurrency?
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    How to Become a Microsoft Certified Professional

    But I think it is hard to pass the exams in Microsoft:)
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    Goodbye, Hangouts

    I think Telegram is better to use for messaging. There are other convenient apps for video conferences
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    For many reddit is more comfortable (and for me as well)
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    They are pretty popular. Even their icons look very similar
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    Dash Mobile Apps

    When Android will be available?
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi! You are more than welcome! Why did you decide to join us?
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    TXT as an Alternative Currency

    Ok, thank you for the explanation!
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    TXT as an Alternative Currency

    So TXT is a token that can be used only in the game?
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    POLL:Giving the voting private key

    If you want to take his private voting key and he is ready to give it to you, why not?
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    What got you into blockchain/crypto?

    Why are you holding until 2021? Why did you choose this year?
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    Dash Vs Paypal

    I think it depends on your preferences, someone uses Paypal and someone uses Dash. I'm grateful that we have a choice between two great
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    What got you into blockchain/crypto?

    Many people talk about cryptocurrencies. So I have decided to learn about blockchain and crypto
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    Litecoin or Dash - Which Makes a Faster Payment?

    Before watching the video I had a thought that Dash is faster and I was right:). Thank you for the useful video!
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    Which coinbase should I trade Bitcoin?

    Choose Binance or KuCoin they are the biggest crypto exchanges
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    How to master Cryptocurrencies?

    one more rule, don't invest all your funds in one coin
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    How do you think Bitcoin can help?

    I think crypto can improve life in developing countries through overcoming inflation, replacing the corrupt financial system, making it easier to send money and so on.
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    How to create a stable coin

    Thank you for the explanation! I meant stable as in linked to fiat. And what if I don't want to clone another coin, I want to create my coin from scratch.
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    How to reduce Website loading speed?

    I do not know if this is still relevant, but you can read this blog
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    How to Become a Microsoft Certified Professional

    I didn't know that to become a Microsoft Certified Professional is so hard
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    Monero Price Prediction 2019

    Monero doesn't show well performance, there are dozens of coins that are simply better and have a bright future, I'm not sure in Monero
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    Is it possible to write a decentralized multi blockchain exchange for a day?

    Do you know someone who managed to write a decentralized multi blockchain exchange for a day? Because I know that this is unreal, at least the platform will have a lot of mistakes and bugs
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    Question about Supply of Dash

    Here was a discussion like that
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    How to create a stable coin

    Is it possible to create a stablecoin without the team? I mean alone
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    STO List - Security Token Offerings

    How do you think will STO replace ICO?
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    Any crypto influencers that we can watch out this 2019

    I don't know, for a fun and easy way you can use Reddit and bitcointalk only, because crypto is not a funny thing at all
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    IQFinex - innovative cryptocurrency exchange

    Do you have EOS?
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    Bitmain slows down

    But Bitmain announced about a new chip that will help to save energy The company went trough challenges, but it is still alive and has plans for the future development
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    New to Dash? Get the Down Low on How the DAO Flows

    Thank you for the topic, but it would be also great to know more about Dash Core Group, Dash Force, Dash Boost, Dash Talk, Dash Watch, Desh Nexus, Dash Labs, Dash Nation, Dash Ventures:)
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    Crypto transaction record

    2018 was a really hard year for crypto and still, there is a record was reached, interesting news
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    Is it possible to write a decentralized multi blockchain exchange for a day?

    I'm not a developer, but I think to write it for a day is impossible, maybe only if you have experience and a big team
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    Best Safe Bitcoin Wallets for 2019

    And where are Exodus, Trezor, Electrum and so on, I am not sure that this is the right list of best safe bitcoin wallets
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    Is Crypto Investment is best compared to Local stocks

    But you also can hold your funds and wait for the bullish market, it means that crypto trading can be long term
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    Dash казино Palastcasino.Com --- Roulette, Slots, Poker, BlackJack

    А почему вы поддерживаете так мало крипто валют? Я только 4 увидел в списке
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    Not the best gift for February 14th.

    Maybe before to do so, she could ask someone about crypto and how it works, or read something. But actually, you can try to find developers. There is no name of the project - "I think at this point you all understood what project in question", I didn't understand what project, there are hundreds...
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    Is Crypto Investment is best compared to Local stocks

    Not only, but you can also buy crypto and hold it. The price will go up and then you get a profit too. It depends on the strategy you prefer.
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    Best VPN?

    Hola VPN or swithVPN, I'm using both options
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    Looking for new altcoins

    BTT coin now is a good option i think, good company and good sale