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    DashPay will be built into the existing native mobile wallets on Android and iOS.

    @QuantumExplorer This is becoming even more puzzling... If you believe 1 developer could create a wallet in 6 months then why can't DCG create a team of 3 or 4 devs and have them create it in a few months as well as bringing the JS libraries up to date? Can you please explain why JS has been...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    I'm just wondering... if you had access to the logo many weeks ago, why did the community not also have access to the logo many weeks ago so we could have had a proper debate over a longer time period. As it stands the debate is going to be rushed and the voting will also be rushed, which is not...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    Totally agree...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    being creative...
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    Poll: Vote on our next animated Dash commercial!

    I like pitch 1 because it's simple and highlights one of Dash's key features effectively and with entertainment, which makes it memorable. Pitch 2 is trying to say to much and also feels arrogant in trying to predict the future and pushing that vision in viewers faces. This pitch is also...
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    Rise of the Machines: Blockchain-Based Governance

    Great Article... This is the type of quality we need to start pushing out to the press ourselves... Edit: More quality articles like this about IX and PrivacyProtect Would be great.
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    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Amanda Johnson Full Time Dash Ambassador

    Do we have a break down of what the current public-awareness proposal (2156 DASH per month) is spent on and could Amanda be paid through this budget instead of creating a new proposal? I think Amanda would be a great ambassador for DASH. Bitcoin has Andreas, who connects well with the geeks in...
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    A vision of what Evolution could be, in real life examples

    I believe that's were Evolution is going... The DAPI will make it very easy for DASH to be integrated into Games, Web Apps, IoT... etc. DASH will explode in the next 2 years as the team makes it very easy for everybody to use.
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    VPS for hosting masternodes, payment in crypto

    I only created an account with them yesterday because I heard from a good source that they were very reliable (which is what I wanted) and cheap. Sorry, at this point that's all I know about them...
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    VPS for hosting masternodes, payment in crypto - Pay in BTC
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    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    I think eduffield needs to speak to Patrick Byrne from Overstock.They need a ledger that can support thousands of transactions a second for their t0 stock market system.
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    Invoice Payment through Dash Evolution

    Wow... Very user friendly
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    Anybody ???

    I'll send him a PM for you... Edit: Done
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    Anybody ???

    I would if I had it, but mine are all tied up in MN's - I suggest you ask OTOH. I've had no problems when dealing with him.
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    [] Masternode cloud-service -> Please use as alternative

    Hi scratchy ...I've sent you a few PM's regarding my masternodes but have had no response in the last 48 hours. If you can get back to me asap, that would be great.
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    We need this. Amazing 30 Second Commercial like video...

    If Bitcoin becomes popular and somebody creates an easy to use double spend app (I mean Peter Todd has already written the code, I bet vending machines offering cheap goods will also want at least one confirmation...
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    What's happening in this block?

    Ah ok now it makes sense... Didn't realise that was shared at the protocol level
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    What's happening in this block?

    I didn't know more than one miner could be paid. It doesn't make sense because mining is a competition with one winner per block so surely there should be only one payment. Am I missing something?
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    What's happening in this block?

    Hi Guys Can somebody please explain to me what's happening in this block. Instead of the generation + Fee's output going to two address (miner and masternode) the output is going to many many addresses, each receiving a very small amount of DASH except one receiving 2.09 DASH...
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    Amanda from The Daily Decrypt here -- excited to work with you, thanks for voting 'yes'

    It is just me or does anybody else think Amanda would be great at explaining the complexities of DASH in a series of short whiteboard videos like the series she did on economics on her vimeo page Her style is fantastic and she's confident, intelligent...
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    Will DASH payments work something like this?

    Yeah possibly... but I think we certainly need 2FA and One time passwords. I'm sure eduffield and the team are on top of this. We can't afford any security issues with the new system as it would destroy everybody's hard work and DASH's reputation before it even gets off the ground. If people...
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    Will DASH payments work something like this?

    As well as being easy to use our system needs to be as secure as possible, including being social engineering proof (one time passwords, 2FA etc). When we become successful we will be high up on attackers lists and I think we need to have solid security from the start.
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    Will DASH payments work something like this?

    It's another added security layer, I guess it's not needed if people choose to use one time password but I think it should be there or something like it if with drop down boxes with obfuscated values being sent back if users use the normal password option. I've updated the image slightly again.
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    Will DASH payments work something like this?

    I've updated it to include a manual payment option.
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    DASH USP Idea

    OMG, You're right... Now I'm wondering why that didn't instantly jump to my mind when I was thinking of DASH. OK, you got me :-)
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    DASH USP Idea

    DASH needs to create a brand and a USP will be key to that brand identity. Famous UPS's: - FedEx Corporation: "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." M&Ms: "The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand." Dominos Pizza: "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to...
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    DASH USP Idea

    I was thinking about how we can describe DASH's Unique Selling Point/Proposition (USP) to new users and came up with the following. DASH USP = Guaranteed, Free, Secure, Private and Simple Digital Cash Transactions in a Blink On another note I was looking for a marketing section on the forum to...
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    Dash + Nubits forum invitation

    I certainly think it's a good idea to discuss this between the two groups as each currency has something to offer the other and from what I can see the Nubits community seems to be civilised and forward thinking like the DASH community. Thank you for initiating this GrandMasterDash, I look...
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    Dash to merge with Nubits

    I was just about to suggest we have some way to fix the value of a purchase for merchants and an instant exchange with Nubits, Tether or Bitshares would be ideal and would encourage many merchants to get on board because their risk would be Zero . But I think instead of teaming up Nubits all we...
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    Subscription model idea for Evolution

    I think the idea of a spending key with programmable rules sounds great.. Are we're starting to enter the realm of autonomous contracts? I think somebody was looking to integrate Ethereum into DASH but I can't remember who it was.
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    Subscription model idea for Evolution

    GrandMasterDash As in point 2 I agree it certainly needs to be customer initiated. MangledBlue The system should live in T2 and T3. Masternodes will store (DASHDrive) the timing information, message, DASH amount, payment address and public keys to encrypt the notifications and push out the...
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    Subscription model idea for Evolution

    There are many businesses/services that run under a subscription model The current subscription model works by you giving companies the power to withdraw funds from your debit and credit accounts at set dates each month. Many of these models enable you to pay monthly but tie you in to an annual...
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    [] Masternode cloud-service -> Please use as alternative

    That's brilliant, and the 2 DASH compensation is much appreciated. Thank you
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    [] Masternode cloud-service -> Please use as alternative

    All your masternodes are down. I sent you a PM a few hours ago but have had no reply.
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    Confirmed Transactions Without a Blockchain

    This is an interesting article about an even more interesting technology. Do you think it would work and could we use any of its ideas? Whitepaper -> Website...
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    Evan Duffield Explains Dash Technology and Announces Evolution at Bitcoin Wednesday

    Does anybody have the skills and software (After Effects etc) to overlay the images of the slides onto the projector screen with motion tracking?
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    Development Update - Oct 19, 2015

    eduffield will 2FA be be part of Evolution? I ask because the end user is solely responsible for their DASH and they have no insurance should something happen, security will be of massive interest to the end user and features such as 2FA, Encrypted Backups, Wallet password security and a...