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  1. Uppercut

    Introducing CoinPoker - Crypto-Currency Based Online Poker Room

    Hi TonyG! Interesting concept I just wonder how big is the overlap between crypto and poker communities? And, of course, what part will Dash play in it :) So far I can only see a good deal (30%) to get in into the pre-ico for the Dash holders (via Spectrocoin). Anyway, I think Coinpoker should...
  2. Uppercut

    Wirex Announces Partnership With Dash, New Contactless Cards

    Awesome news! My TenX card has no contactless feature :)
  3. Uppercut

    Proposal: DASH in Tallinn! Covering Baltics biggest billboard 426m2 + Ad VIDEO!

    Hey Baltic neighbors! I would definitely support this initiative from Lithuania :) DM your LinkedIn please. Edit: P.S. you forgot to add a voting poll for this proposal...
  4. Uppercut

    Proposal: Let's connect Dash with the most influential EU decision makers

    Very excited, can't wait to hear you speak in Lithuania @kot !
  5. Uppercut

    Proposal: Dash Conference 2017 (London)

    Thanks for clarifying, it looks like your last sentence got chopped off. Anyway, is current price early bird? Because I haven't noticed announcement about it. I brought up the discount topic, because of the following statement by Ryan: "To encourage potential attendees to attend both events...
  6. Uppercut

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    Tested in Vilnius, Lithuania yesterday. Did my groceries with BTC (forgot to link the wallet to DASH beforehand) and got my first drink with DASH - super exited! However, when I've put the card into the ATM machine and entered my pin code the screen went blank... I thought my card is gone (?!)...
  7. Uppercut

    Proposal: Dash Conference 2017 (London)

    Very excited to come to London! Any discount codes for the 3-day ticket? :)
  8. Uppercut

    Dash to be implemented at Tonyresort

    I'm also supporting with the hope to meet dash core in Lithuania next month :)
  9. Uppercut

    Poll: Vote on our next animated Dash commercial!

    Hi, I totally agree that the first one communicates the message in a much better form. This poll is a very good example of how a video is transmitting the same message with totally different results. What I mean is that the 1st video is demonstrating the 'why' of Dash, whereas the 2nd one - the...